Pregnant Dog Was Mercilessly Abandoned, But Good Soul Took Care Of Her And Her Family


Despite the unlimited love and loyalty that a dog gives to its beloved human, many people are not worthy of man’s best friend. Humans can betray their pets when they need them the most. 

A dog named Mia felt this best after her owner abandoned her when she was 9 weeks pregnant. In those moments, she needed a warm home and unlimited love for her and her family the most, but he left her stranded. 

However, just before she was about to give birth, a good soul found her tied to a pole in front of a supermarket and decided to bring back a smile to her face. 

Towards Her Happiest Moment

dog eating out of woman's hand
Source: The Moho

As soon as this big-hearted woman saw Mia, she knew she had to help her. She slowly approached her, petted her, and gave her some food so that she could satisfy her hunger. 

Although she didn’t really notice it at first, this woman realized that Mia was pregnant after she caressed her stomach. She couldn’t believe that someone threw a mother and her puppies on the street like this, but it only motivated her even more to help them.

dog lying on vet's table
Source: The Moho

Their first stop was the veterinary clinic, where the vet encountered no serious health issues. However, what he did find were the 11 babies in her stomach

That’s why her savior immediately took Mia home and prepared a warm bed where she would meet her happiest moment. Besides comfort and other necessities, her now foster mom also gave her so much love, which meant a lot to this dog after everything she went through. 

woman lying next to a dog
Source: The Moho

When that day finally dawned, the first nine puppies were born, and they brought a smile to their mother’s face. The last two babies took a little longer to see the light of day, but when they finally came into this world, Mia’s happiness was endless.

dog and puppies lying
Source: The Moho

Finally, the whole family was together, and the woman who was responsible for these beautiful moments was now sure that a bright future awaited them.

New Little Beginnings

Although any mother would do everything for her children, Mia’s blessing was that all the burden did not fall only on her back. 

11 little puppies need a lot of milk to feed them all, and Mia just didn’t have enough. Luckily, she was helped by her foster mom who made sure to feed every hungry baby with the highest quality nutritional milk

woman feeding a newborn puppy
Source: The Moho

Most of the puppies were healthy, but 3 babies were still weak and needed support. However, with a lot of love from their mother as well as care from their foster mother, they soon got stronger and continued to develop normally

Mia was so grateful to this good woman for everything she did for her and her family that she couldn’t stop hugging and showering her with kisses. That, and the fact that the puppies were successfully growing into handsome boys, filled her heart the most. 

close-up photo of two puppies
Source: The Moho

After a happy puppyhood in which they were surrounded by nothing but immense love, the puppies grew up and were ready for their new beginnings. Although the moment of parting was coming, Mia was proud of her children and happy that they would have a chance for a new life.

We hope that they will all find their forever homes, but those where their loved ones will never betray them and leave them when they need them the most. A good soul like the one that saved them from the street and gave them a new chance is the least these beautiful beings deserve.