Owner Realizes Her German Shepherd Is Quieter Than Usually And Is Shocked To Find Out Why


German Shepherds are really one of the most intelligent and loyal dog breeds out of them all. However, they are known for something else as well.

Like most other dogs, they somehow have a tendency to get into trouble, or it finds them. Whichever answer is true, this is usually cause for a lot of funny moments in the family.

In this story, we will talk about a woman from Texas who noticed that her German Shepherd had been quiet for a bit, so she checked up on him and was surprised.

He Pleads ‘Not Guilty’

Cute German Shepherd
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Axel is a very kind dog, and his family loves him very much. He has been living with them at their home in Texas for a long time now.

He hasn’t been a known troublemaker and is always in the mood to play. However, when left alone for a bit longer, that’s when things change.

In one instance, Axel’s owner noticed that he had been quiet for a bit longer than usual, so she decided to check up on him.

German Shepherd in the house
Source: @axelunleashed

She found him in the other room, and what she saw surprised her. He was destroying one of her floor mats with his teeth and paws.

While taken aback by Axel, she ultimately thought the entire situation was hilarious and had even recorded him in action.

She later posted the clip on their Instagram where it unsurprisingly blew up, as it got over 9,800 likes and many comments.

Hilarious Reaction On Internet

German Shepherd and Woman
Source: @axelunleashed

Normally, when a dog destroys something in the house, you would feel a bit frustrated, but then his puppy eyes would convince you that he was sorry and everything would be okay.

That’s how most people felt when they saw this video. It received mostly positive reactions from people who can relate to the entire situation.

One commenter said: “We have one of those too! 3 mats in his short 9 months on this planet (so far) they must be very tasty!!

Obviously, it should come as no surprise to anyone who saw the video that this is not that unusual for German Shepherds.

Another person commented: “He is trying to save you from the fashion police.

Happy German Shepherd
Source: @axelunleashed

And lastly, one person wrote: “Ohhhhhh Axel…how about giving mommy a break, you lovable, precious sweetheart…

As evidenced by this comment, some people, in particular, just find it hilarious seeing dogs get in trouble and then pretend like nothing is going on.

Our dogs are very intelligent animals, and I think that they understand what they are doing most of the time, but are sometimes misbehaving just for the fun of it.

Videos like this show that things like this aren’t that serious, and a lot of people were amused by Axel’s behavior because they relate to it on a personal level.

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