Upset Dog Directed Man’s Attention Towards His Drowning Canine Friend And Became A Hero


Having a true friend is one of the greatest blessings in the world. It means that you have someone you can always rely on, especially when you are having a hard time or when you are in trouble.

Dogs are beings that show us again and again what true love and loyalty mean, so they are often an example of true friendship as well. This was exactly what one Newfoundland dog showed when he did not calm down until he found help for his Golden Retriever friend in trouble. 

He sensed a good soul and did everything to get his attention and take him to the place where his canine friend was on the verge of survival.

Canine And Human Hero

rescuing dog from water
Source: Douglas Coastguard Rescue Team

That March 17, 2024, rescuers from the Douglas Coastguard Rescue Team had as many as three interventions. However, in their Facebook post, they highlighted only one, which, by the way, attracted a lot of attention. 

At the beginning of the post, they explained that a member of the public came across a Newfoundland dog in distress. This dog managed to attract the man’s attention and lead him to the nearby harbor where his Golden Retriever friend was drowning

The Good Samaritan immediately “raised the alarm for the Coastguard to be called”, but he didn’t wait for them to come. He quickly went into action when he saw that “the dog was starting to go under.”

“He went down onto a boat in the Harbour and was able to grab hold of the Dog as he was going down the Harbour in the flow of the river,” they wrote in the post. 

At the moment of this heroic act, the rescue team arrived. Although this man did the bulk of the work, the rescuers also contributed by helping him get the dog safely to dry land

rescued dog wrapped into blanket
Source: Douglas Coastguard Rescue Team

After tucking him in warm blankets, they took the dog to safety and petted him so that he could recover from the shock as soon as possible.

During this time, a canine hero who started this rescue operation was impatiently waiting for his friend and looking forward to their reunion.

Ultimate Happy Ending

rescued dog and his friend hero
Source: Douglas Coastguard Rescue Team

In the same post, the Douglas Coastguard Rescue Team wrote that they took care of the Newfoundland dog during the rescue operation. However, to their mutual delight, these two canine friends soon saw each other again and both of them were over the moon. 

During that time, the search for their owner continued. According to BBC, they soon managed to find him with the help of the local police, who wrote a Facebook post, in which they also published pictures of the two canines. 

two dogs
Source: Isle of Man Constabulary  Page

Eventually, it was the ultimate happy ending with the two sweet reunions. In this honor, at the end of their post, the people from the Douglas Coastguard Rescue Team thanked the hero who saved this Golden Retriever from drowning. 

“We would like to thank the member of the public for his swift action, which undoubtedly saved the life of 1 very lucky dog,” they wrote. 

However, we would also like to express our gratitude to another hero, this time the canine one. In addition to starting this rescue mission, the Newfoundland dog demonstrated what true friendship means and how it is sometimes stronger than even the biggest troubles in this world.