Rescuers Were Shocked To Find Two Puppies Sleeping On A Trash Pile So They Decided To Help


On a very hot and humid day, one Good Samaritan came across a terrible sight that broke his heart. While walking past a local bus station, he noticed something unusual at the nearby dumping ground. 

As he approached the overflowing dumpsters, he noticed two very young puppies who were lying on a pile of trash on the ground. 

Although, at the time, they appeared to be sleeping, he could see that they were in pretty bad shape, basically struggling to stay alive. 

The kind-hearted man quickly contacted the local rescue organization for help. 

Rescuing The Furry Babies

puppies on trash pile
Source: Instagram

The two babies were barely a month old, and there was no sign of a mom around. It appeared that they were dumped by someone who wanted to get rid of them, showing no concern whatsoever.

As soon as the rescuers, Lina Patino and Jennifer Ponsford, got a call about the babies, they rushed to the bus station. 

They hurriedly scooped them up and drove straight to the rescue’s refuge center. 

rescued puppies
Source: Instagram

The babies were in critical condition – covered in ticks, infested with parasites, malnourished, and struggling to stay alive. 

“They were malnourished … we gave them food, water, antiparasitic medication and applied tick repellent. The first 24 hours, they were so depressed and lethargic that I thought they wouldn’t make it … that they would die,” Patino told The Dodo.  

They decided to name the two puppies Enrique and Beto, hoping and praying for their survival.

puppies in the box
Source: Instagram

The first couple of days were critical, but to everyone’s surprise, by the third day, the babies’ conditions started to improve. 

“By the third day, they had more energy than ever before. We gave them medicated baths for their skin conditions, and they’ve been doing great ever since,” Patino added. 

Happy And Alive 

cute little puppy
Source: The Rescue via The Dodo

As the month passed by, the puppies were thriving better than ever.

Following a strict medical routine and being showered with lots of love and care, they received exactly what they needed to pull through and thrive.

They are now two months old, parasite- and tick-free. That being said, they can finally receive all the nutrients they need to grow healthy. 

Enrique and Beto still have some growing to do before they’re ready for adoption, but I’m confident they’ll catch up in no time and find their forever homes.

black puppy at home
Source: The Rescue via The Dodo

If you’re wondering how the puppies are spending their time at the shelter, well, I’m happy to report that they are absolutely loving their newfound lives. 

They are either cuddling together, playing with their toys or each other, or soaking up all the love they receive from their rescuers. 

Soon, they’ll be ready for their vaccinations, taking them one step closer to finding their forever homes through adoption.

If it weren’t for that kind-hearted man who found them that day, these pups probably wouldn’t have survived. He will forever be their angel savior.