Dog Didn’t Know How To Behave Around Humans, But That Changed When He Met His Foster Parents


Most of us who have owned a dog before know just how easy it is to get familiarized with their behavior. It seemed natural at times.

And, it would make sense as our species have been together for at least 30,000 years or more. However, just like with everything in life, there are also exceptions to this rule.

Sometimes, certain dogs would spend very little time interacting with other humans and it would cause a sense of fear and hesitation in them.

In this story, we will talk about one such pup who was a bit scared of his new foster parents after they had met.

Poodle’s Fears

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After their fateful first meeting, his foster parents knew it was going to be a difficult task to help this dog overcome his fears.

The Poodle’s only interaction with humans was a homeless man who was his owner for a long time.

Because he had substance use issues, he went to get treatment and could no longer take care of his dog, so he had to surrender him to a shelter or a foster home.

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That’s where Serena and her husband come into the story. Because he didn’t know how to properly interact with other people, they had to think of ways to help him relax.

Anytime they would come into the room, his foster parents were met with confusion. They couldn’t tell if he was happy to see them or upset.

His foster mom, Serena, told GeoBeats Animals: “My husband had never had a dog before, so there were periods where he was like, what did you get us into?

He Is Slowly Changing

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He loved spending time inside the house and guarding it as well. His foster parents didn’t know how to support him in that, but they wanted to show somehow that they cared.

She noticed that the Poodle did not really like her husband as he started growling at him the moment she was about to leave the house.

They have no idea what his experience with other people was or if he was abused, but they felt horrible by the fact that he was this frightened of other people.

The Poodle also had several medical issues and required certain medications like ear drops and other things for his health.

Serena said: “He was born with an extra paw and a deformed wrist joint. So while we fostered him, he had that surgery, which was a big surgery for a 1-year-old giant breed dog.

It took a good whole year before they all adjusted and the Poodle had finally overcome his fear of other people.

The Poodle Is So Adorable

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He had changed dramatically. He just enjoyed playing all the time, and his foster parents made sure to make time for it whenever they could.

Serena continues by saying: “He’s just so silly. He just enjoys playing so much. It was just like the most beautiful thing, a definition of pure joy.

Despite the fact that the Poodle was initially wary and fearful of her husband, they eventually became best friends. 

It’s just adorable seeing them enjoy each other’s company so much. What’s even better is seeing a completely different attitude in the Poodle and how brave he was for overcoming his fear.

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The family lived near the beach, so they always had an endless amount of fun anytime they could.

Even though they had only agreed to foster him for a while, it became obvious after a year that it was going to be a foster fail.

So, Serena and her husband decided to officially adopt the Poodle and they couldn’t be happier about it. I am glad everything turned out so well for him in the end.