Man Received Surprising News Shortly After His Beloved Dog Passed Away


Lee Asher’s lifelong dream was creating a sanctuary where all discarded and unwanted animals could feel protected, loved, and free. 

This dream finally came true when he was able to buy The Asher House, with a large property in Estacada, Oregon, where now, all his rescue animals live. 

The heart and soul of this house has always been Lillie, a Saint Bernard dog Lee rescued and brought back to life. 

Unfortunately, after eight years with Lee, Lillie sadly passed away, but not before leaving a gift to the person who loved her the most. Take a look at this incredible story. 

Heart & Soul Of The Asher House 

dog in the woods
Source: The Asher House

Lillie was found sleeping in a puddle on the street behind a dumpster while it was pouring rain. Animal control picked her up, not even knowing if she was alive. 

They didn’t know what exactly was wrong with her, but she was very sick. 

While Lillie was at the South LA Animal Shelter, Lee Asher visited her every day, and every single day, he could see she was losing her spark. 

He wasn’t allowed to adopt her or even take her out for three whole weeks, and poor Lillie was slowly losing all hope. 

The Asher House did not exist at that point, but Lee kept promising Lillie that he would rescue her when it was possible. 

After three weeks, Lee was finally able to adopt her. 

photo of dog lying on the ground
Source: The Asher House

Once he brought her home, he finally understood why Lillie was getting so sick – he found out she was having seizures all through the night. 

It was a long road to her recovery, mentally and financially, but luckily, after six months, she finally started feeling better. 

For eight long years, Lillie was Lee’s best friend and his one true companion through everything. She was truly the heart and soul of The Asher House… one dog that was there from the beginning, but sadly, in January 2024, Lillie passed away. 

dog named lilli
Source: The Asher House

While still struggling with the loss of his best friend, Lee received mail about a puppy that needed urgent rescue – the mail was sent on the same day that Lillie passed away. 

Reading the message, Lee couldn’t believe it… 

It was a little Saint Bernard puppy… just like Lillie. 

Meet Ranger 

man holding a dog
Source: @theasherhouse

“Right around the same time that Lillie passed away, I found about this dog through an email that we got. I just can’t believe this is happening. I can’t believe I’m about to go pick up this dog,” Lee Asher said in his rescue video. 

The timing was insane. Just when he lost his beloved furry friend, he received a call about another St. Bernard puppy needing help. 

Lee was certain it was Lillie who had sent him this puppy. 

When he saw the puppy – later named Ranger – it was almost love at first sight. 

photo of man holding a dog in his arms
Source: @theasherhouse

“Lillie was my light, and it was so dark when she left. But, of course, she left me light at the end of the tunnel, and that light was Ranger,” Lee said.  

Ranger is now an officially new member of the huge Asher family, and he will undoubtedly have the most amazing life.