Pup Was Devastated When She Realized Her Owners Moved Out Of The House And Abandoned Her


No dog should know how heartwrenching it feels to be left by the humans you considered your family.

Unfortunately, there is a large number of canines who feel like their entire world was shaken after their owners abandoned them.

Lucy, a sweet doggo, felt sadness in her heart after her family moved out without her, leaving her on a porch in freezing weather.

The loyal canine directed her wistful gaze toward the nearby road. She hoped that good humans would come to her rescue and help her find the love that her heart wished for.

A Disillusioned Canine

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Audray, the founder of Luck’s Rescue, a non-profit organization located in Georgia, got a call about an abandoned dog. She learned that the canine’s family moved out of the house and left the pup waiting for them out in the cold.

The family’s neighbors checked up on the dog and made sure she had food and water.

Audray dashed to the address to rescue the pup.

Upon her arrival, she made her way toward the porch, where she found a delightful pup whose eyes were full of sadness. The pup, later named Lucy, seemed relieved after she saw Audray approaching.

The rescuer gave Lucy some food, and she gained her trust. Audray petted the pooch, and Lucy gave her many sweet little kisses. She was grateful because she came to her aid.

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Audray felt sad when she noticed how neglected the canine was. Her matted fur was full of ticks and fleas, and the collar around her neck was too tight.

Despite the neglect and the abandonment that she endured, Lucy was nothing but love.

The doggo lay on her back, and Audray rubbed her belly, giving her much-needed affection and comfort.

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Lucy happily hopped into the car, and her rescuer drove her to the vet, where she was provided with the necessary medical attention. 

After Lucy received her vaccines, Audray took her to the groomer, who removed all the canine’s matted fur.

Lucy turned into a real beauty. She felt glad because kind humans doted on her and showered her with affection.

Finding True Love 

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Soon, Audray placed Lucy in a great foster home. The dog’s foster mom gave her a ton of love and many cuddles that Lucy craved.

Her foster siblings taught her how to be an inside dog. The pack was there for Lucy all the time, cuddling her and helping her build her confidence.

Many people who watched Lucy’s story on the rescue’s social media fell in love with her, and they filled out the adoption applications.

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On January 13th of 2024, Audray shared the happiest news in an Instagram story. Lucy found her humans and moved into her forever home. 

Her parents showered her with love. Lucy had the biggest smile on her face, and her eyes radiated happiness.

We are ecstatic because the Georgia beauty found loving parents who will never let her down. From now on, she will only know infinite love and joy.

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