Anxious Pittie Who Was Afraid Of A Cardboard Box Overcomes His Dark Past And Becomes The Sweetest Boy


Cody was a stray pittie who spent his entire life living on the harsh streets, fighting for scraps in order to survive.

When he was finally noticed by animal rescuers wandering around a neighborhood all alone, this pup didn’t really know how to react.

The animal rescuers from iPittytheBull Foundation tried to capture him and provide him with a better life, but since kindness wasn’t familiar to Cody, he did everything in his power to try and escape from them.

Luckily, the animal rescuers were determined to get this pup off the streets and somewhere where he would finally be appreciated for who he truly was.

Rescue Mission

dog tied to a car
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The California-based rescuers managed to get a leash around Cody’s neck; however, they had a lot of trouble getting him into their car.

“He chewed through three leashes. He was a very flighty dog,” John told The Dodo.  

After trying a lot of different tactics, they figured it would be best for them to lure Cody into a crate using some yummy treats. Luckily, this plan worked much better and they were able to get this fearful pup to their loving shelter.

When they arrived at the shelter and got Cody all settled in, John knew that it would be for the best to let him open up and do things at his own pace.

dog on the couch
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Cody had a very hard time understanding what was going on and who all the people around him were. Because of this, he mostly spent his time in his room, refusing to leave.

“Getting him out of his room was a process. Once we were out, he was like, ‘Oh, let’s walk’,” John added.

Seeing him outside enjoying the sunshine and fresh air really made John super happy and proud of Cody.

He knew that doing things at a slower pace and patiently allowing Cody to develop trust was the best method to encourage him to start opening up to him.

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Eventually, John didn’t have to spend too much time convincing Cody to go outside. Whenever he came into his room and told him that it was time to go outside, Cody would slowly follow John to the backyard of the Californian shelter.

However, one time when they were outside, Cody noticed a cardboard box that wasn’t there before.   

“Every little thing, any change, set him back into fight mode. So it’s things like this that most of us don’t really pay attention to but to a sensitive guy like this, this is a huge deal. So I just need to guide him past and he obviously doesn’t want to come,” he said.

John then decided to put a leash on Cody while he reassured him that this box meant no harm and would not hurt him.

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As soon as Cody saw that his hooman was by his side and was holding on to the leash, he gained the courage to walk past the box and continue about his day.

Easy Does It

What truly allowed Cody to come out of his shell were his daily walks.

He loves going on long walks with his hoomans, enjoying the Californian sun and the beautiful nature. Even though he was still a bit hesitant when a hooman he didn’t know walked past him, Cody didn’t allow this to get in the way of his fun.

dog in a sunlight
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“You just get a feeling. You just know. You are just like ‘This dog is going to be fine’,” said John.

After some time, Cody was noticed by a loving family who immediately fell in love with him. Shortly after, he left the shelter and became their new furry baby.

He was no longer the frightened pup who saw a cardboard box as a threat.

Thanks to his rescuer, Cody was able to forget about his past life, regain trust in hoomans, and become part of a family that loved and cared for him like he deserved all along.

“He is probably one of the best dogs I’ve ever come across,” concluded John.

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Final Word

It truly warms my heart when I come across a story about a dog who, with the help of determined hoomans, was able to trust again.

I am sure that his life on the street wasn’t easy at all and that it took a lot of courage to turn the page and begin a new chapter. But, in the end, he did it.

Cody, I am so proud of the pup you turned out to be, and John, I can’t thank you enough for being so patient and caring with this sweet boy – you are a hero!