Severely Sick Puppy Shocks Everybody By Making The Swiftest Recovery Ever


Someone found little Stormi abandoned in a basket in a local park in Nashville. She was so ill that she could barely move. 

She was brought to Wags & Walks Nashville rescue organization where they basically fought for her life. This little Pittie puppy was so sick that no one even believed she would survive the night. 

But, their amazing staff was not about to give up so easily…

Too Ill To Move 

puppy sitting with blue and orange blankets
Source: The Dodo

When Jessica, a medical manager at Wags & Walks Nashville, first met Stormi, she immediately felt an instant connection with her. 

“I was holding her IV catheter and when I looked at her, I swear she was, like, speaking to me. I just felt this connection, so that’s when I volunteered to take over her care” Jessica told The Dodo. 

Sadly, Stormi was in terrible shape, and she needed lots of care to be able to survive. 

Jessica brought her home and set up a downstairs bathroom in her house where she usually keeps animals that she fosters. 

The first night was tough, but somehow, Stormi survived. 

puppy sleeping
Source: The Dodo

When Jessica went to check on her, she actually found little Stormi sitting up, so she spent most of the night sitting right next to her in that little crate, petting and talking to her. 

“When I got to work the next day, everyone was shocked she was literally alive,” Jessica said. 

From that moment on, Stormi basically became a hospital dog. Every day, Jessica would bring her to the hospital where her colleagues would take over and help. 

And, to everyone’s surprise, Stormi slowly started to show some signs of improvement. After three days of being in Jessica’s care, Stormi finally started to wag her tail. 

photo of puppy called stormi sitting
Source: The Dodo

It was such a remarkable milestone for her because she literally went from not being able to move to happily wagging her tail and walking around the hospital. 

“It was the most incredible milestone. At that point, that’s when I knew we had a little bit of an upturn, that she looked stronger. She looked brighter,” Jessica said.   

A Miraculous Happily Ever After 

In the second week, Stormi started to hobble around the house. 

She was healthier and happier each passing day, and you could see her little personality come out. 

dog and puppy sitting on tile floor
Source: @rott_n_poms

She met Jessica’s Rottweiler, named Elle, and she immediately wanted to play with her. At that moment, Jessica simply knew that Stormi was going to be okay after all. 

“My Rottweiler, Elle, would be trying to sleep, and Stormi would come up and crab her little cheek and pull on it and just want her to get up. Elle is too nice of a dog to say no! She literally just gets up and plays with her even though she’s tired,” Jessica said. 

Their favorite thing is playing tug-of-war together. 

Elle has really helped bring out the confidence in Stormi and is truly one of the reasons for her ultimate recovery.

two dogs on top of the stairs
Source: @rott_n_poms

Deep down, Jessica knew from the moment she saw their amazing connection that she couldn’t give Stormi away. 

Stormi was officially a foster fail. As soon as Jessica could legally adopt her and sign the papers – she did it.

woman sitting in the back of the pickup with dogs
Source: @rott_n_poms

“She’s bigger and strong and doing everything she wants to do. It makes me extremely happy. It’s just an incredible transformation. I love watching her grow every day and seeing new things she does. She’s the perfect storm,” Jessica said.