A Pup Who Was Found In Critical Condition Shocks Her Rescuers By Becoming A White Princess After Being Rescued


When Kiva started her life, it seemed like everything was going downhill for her from the moment of birth.

She was separated from her mother in the beginning and she really had no one she could turn to for help.

Nothing was going right for her, and she was starting to get sicker each day. Her appearance had changed as a result and she looked awful.

Somebody needed to help her fast. And, in this story, we will talk about the kind people who found her and decided to give her the chance to make a new beginning for herself.

Kiva’s Hardships

sick puppy under the blanket
Source: Youtube

When the rescuers from Lightshine Canine, in South Dakota, were first notified about Kiva, they did not anticipate the state they found her in.

She was so sick and so malnourished that she just couldn’t move anymore. They decided to be careful with her as they didn’t want to scare her even more.

It was apparent to them that her skin condition was from scabies and that she needed treatment fast.

They took her back to the shelter so that she could get warm and have a fighting chance. She was still a bit skittish but understood that she was in good hands.

sick puppy in wounds
Source: Youtube

I don’t even want to think what she went through so that she ended up this scared of everything around her.

The veterinarians determined that she was only a few months old, which was hard to see because she looked so sick.

After two weeks of treatment, things drastically changed. She was starting to look a lot better, and her fur was growing back.

Her usual shy and scared attitude has changed and she is now a lot more trusting of her rescuers.

Kiva’s New Best Friend

puppy getting recoverd
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She was taken into a wonderful home in South Dakota, where she has continued to recover and is now living in a completely new environment.

One of the things she loves the most is playing in the yard and just hanging out with other dogs.

They always get along well, and it helped Kiva a lot because she still hadn’t learned how to socialize well.

However, her life would take an even better turn when she met her best friend, Flynn. The two were basically inseparable. 

black and white puppies together
Source: Youtube

They shared a similar story and spent a lot of time suffering before somebody came to rescue them.

However, all of that is behind them now. They are finally able to enjoy their life and are making the most of it.

They go on picnics, where they have so much beautiful territory to explore. When it snows, Kiva and Flynn are the first to go outside and enjoy playing in the snow.

Despite the fact that both of these dogs had gone through such hardships so early in life, it’s amazing to see how well they have recovered from all of it and started a completely new life.