Brave Mama Dog Led Rescuers Into The Woods And Begged Them To Save Her Precious Pups


There is absolutely nothing sweeter than seeing a dog family always looking out for each other and trying to stay together no matter what.

This sense of companionship is something that we as humans often take for granted, but sometimes, it’s important to look at our furry friends to remind ourselves of this.

In this story, we will talk about a worried mama dog who stepped on to the road to find help for her puppies who badly needed it.

Aria Was Surprised

dog walking on the road
Source: The Dodo

When Aria Keilbach was driving down a random road in Saipan, on the Northern Mariana Islands, she noticed something in the distance. A dog was trying to stop them, so they stopped.

Aria told The Dodo: “So I trail her a little more and she ducks sideways into the jungle. And 5 little puppies just stumble out of the jungle into the street.

They were just so adorable so she decided to give them all something nice to eat while she figured out what to do next.

The whole time she was there, they just kept following her like they expected her to rescue them.

puppies in the woods
Source: The Dodo

She took a closer look at some of them and found that they were not only full of worms, but also had fleas and ticks, which needed addressing.

They placed the puppies inside a red basket and decided to take them away to a veterinarian clinic in the Northern Mariana Islands where they could receive help.

Right after that, the mother dog was really hesitant and did not want to be separated from her children, but it was for their own good.

Grace Keilbach said: “But when you know that the puppies aren’t going to survive the night, or another day, you have to do it and then just come back for Mom.

Their plan was to help the puppies and then feed the mom until they could catch her and reunite her with her babies.

A Heartwarming Reunion

close-up photo of the dog
Source: The Dodo

When Grace came back for her, she noticed that something was different about her demeanor. She was not interested in the food.

The mama dog did not care about that and just wanted to see her children. Immediately, she got close to Grace, and she noticed just how impatient this dog was.

She jumped through the window of her car and got inside. It was at this point that she understood that this mother was going to see her children one way or another.

They drove all the way back to the shelter, and this sweet dog was just enjoying every minute of it. However, after they arrived, she immediately heard something.

It was her puppies. Grace and Aria took the mom to the room where they were staying, and they were just so happy to see her.

dog looking at puppies in a box
Source: The Dodo

Once again, this story reminds us of both sad and happy moments in any rescue organization. 

It’s thanks to these wonderful people that this adorable dog family has a chance to find a new life for themselves.

As far as adoption is concerned, we know that three of the five puppies were adopted. However, what happened to the rest of them and their mom is not certain.

However, we can safely assume that all of them have found a forever home by now and are living their best life.