Shelter Pittie Does The Sweetest Thing To Prove Everyone That He Too Is A Good Boy


Being an overlooked doggo in a shelter is not an easy position. Seeing your buddies come and go every day must be pretty hard, especially if you’re a good, sociable boi like Rush!

This pawdorable Pittie was admitted to SICSA Pet Adoption & Wellness Center, from Dayton, Ohio as a stray puppy. After being adopted by a family for the first time, he was returned back to the shelter, and since then – he has been looking for a family to call his own!

His eagerness to finally find a furever home was so strong that he decided to go a little further, doing the sweetest thing ever!

The Life Without A Family To Call His Own

photo of the pitbull
Source: Daily Mail

It must’ve been pretty hard for Rush to spend his whole life without a permanent home. Whenever a family or a person came to the shelter, his hopes were high! But then – he ended up looking at a family going out with another dog!

Still, Rush has never lost his hope nor has he ever stopped being enthusiastic about the possibility of finding a home for himself. He has always been a good boi, breaking the stereotype about “Pitties being pure evil.”

A Heartwarming Moment That Caught The Attention Of Many

the pitbull making his bed
Source: SICSA Pet Adoption & Wellness Center

One day, he decided to try a brand new thing – something that he never, ever did before! He literally grabbed a bed sheet with his mouth and tucked it around his bed to make it look presentable!

pitbull called rush making his bed
Source: SICSA Pet Adoption & Wellness Center

When they saw Rush doing this sweetest thing ever, the SICSA volunteers couldn’t believe their eyes! 

Leah, one of the volunteers, filmed the video of Rush making his bed, and it soon went viral! 

sad dog holding blanket in his mouth
Source: Daily Mail

In no time, the video was viewed by several million people all over the world, causing heartwarming reactions and making peoples’ hearts melt! 

And, the most amazing thing was – it became an everyday thing! He continued to make his bed every day until a family appeared just around the corner!

The Pawfect Family Finally Showed Up

photo of pitbull rush with man and a woman
Source: Daily Mail

Leah’s video has definitely changed Rush’s destiny for the better, as from that moment on, the applications were pouring in! 

Still, there was one couple from Dayton, Ohio, that the people of SICSA loved very much! 

Angie and Ronnie Wallace had just recently lost their dog due to a degenerative disease and they weren’t in a place to adopt another dog, but when they saw a video of Rush – they knew they had to apply for him!

“She said ‘I think I want him,’ and I said ‘Okay,’ “ says Ronnie. 

They went to the facility to meet Rush, and just like that – the bond was created! He welcomed his new pawrents with open paws, thrilled to be finally taken out of his kennel for good!

Living The Best Life

photo of pitbull rush and a woman
Source: SICSA Pet Adoption and Wellness Center

Even though he finally got to live his best life – Rush never forgot where he originally came from

His mom decided to give him a chance to visit his old family one day, and Rush loved it! He literally gave everyone the sweetest kisses! 

Jessie, Rachel, Sydney, and his foster parents – Allison and Mike – were all very happy to see Rush so happy and fulfilled after all this time.

pitbull rush with man and woman smiling
Source: SICSA Pet Adoption and Wellness Center

They always knew he was a good boi – he just needed the right time and the right people to acknowledge it!