Sick Stray Pup Stayed In Front Of The Shelter, Begging Passers-By To Adopt Him


If stray pups could speak, they would tell us poignant stories about the dreams that live in their hearts – the dreams that give them strength to fight for their survival.

Although they don’t have their own voice, canines communicate in a myriad of ways with all good humans who pay attention to them.

Hera was a sick, stray dog who appeared in front of a shelter one day, looking for help. With an incredibly sad expression on her face, she looked through the fence and observed the shelter pups who were running around in the yard.

The stray pooch longed to be as cheerful as them and to have a roof over her head.

A Sad Face Asking For Some Compassion

sick dog in front of shelter
Source: The Moho

When the shelter staff saw the sorrowful, homeless pup with eyes that were pleading for help, they felt sad.

The doggo was in terrible condition. Her skin was inflamed and covered with scabies.

The staff member stroked the homeless pup, whose eyes started melting with gratitude. She savored every moment of her affection.

woman dragging dog
Source: The Moho

The pup, later named Hera, was taken to the vet for a complete checkup. She had anemia. The pooch was prescribed the necessary medicine.

The dog’s caregiver gave her a nice bath, and she enjoyed it. She felt glad, knowing that she met kind humans who took care of her.

Because of her sweet and loving personality, the shelter staff was convinced that Hera used to have a family at some point in her life.

Thanks to the medicine that the vet gave her, the doggo’s skin healed.

Finding The Love She Always Wished For

dog sniffing woman
Source: The Moho

Hera’s face beamed with joy when she found a home of her own. 

The pup enjoyed snuggling with her forever mom and taking in all her kisses. Owing to her love and great care, Hera fully recovered and turned into a beautiful pup.

The canine looked at her mom with eyes filled with unconditional love. She enjoyed sleeping in her arms. She felt protected and cherished.

Four months following her rescue, Hera looked unrecognizable. She was smiling and jumping with joy.

happy dog holding head in human hand
Source: The Moho

Hera lives her best life. The loving pooch has many doggy friends to play with. 

She feels happiest when she is cuddling with her mom and holding hands with her. It’s Hera’s way of letting her know how much she loves her.

We feel very happy because Hera’s dream of finding a loving family came true. At last, she got her well-deserved happy ending. 

We hope that all stray canines are shown the compassion and love that Hera found when she came to the shelter.