Blind Pup Was Locked In A Cage For Years Before Finally Being Rescued By A Kind Virginian Family


When talking about blind puppies, most people usually condemn them right at the start and refuse to give them any chance.

Even though these lovable furballs are still capable of doing almost anything that other pups can do, the treatment they receive is just horrible.

Much of the time, they are either isolated, abandoned, or even set for euthanization because nobody wants to adopt them.

In this story, we will talk about a blind dog who was severely malnourished and suffered for a long time before his story took a turn for the better.

Boomer’s Difficult Life

skinny white dog
Source: One By One Animal Advocates

When Boomer was first found by his rescuers from One By One Animal Advocates, in West Virginia, he was so severely malnourished that he couldn’t even stand on his feet.

While most dogs at his age should weigh around 50 pounds, this poor dog weighed only 20 pounds and he was nearing complete starvation.

Even though the poor dog couldn’t move, his eyes said it all. His rescuers recognized that he was desperate, and they wasted no time.

dog sleeping in a cage with fluffy toys
Source: One By One Animal Advocates

He spent days living in a cage without any food or the ability to find help. However, he finally got a new chance.

His rescuers were careful with their next step, as they wanted to give him a fighting chance. He was taken to a veterinarian clinic in West Virginia, where they could decide what to do next.

Boomer Got A Fighting Chance

woman feeding white skinny dog
Source: One By One Animal Advocates

Boomer had fleas, and he was filthy, but other than that, the thing he needed the most was food. Giving him a lot of food at once was dangerous, so the staff planned something else.

He was given specialized food, IV fluid, and supplements to help him get his weight up slowly and carefully.

However, they also did regular blood work on him to make sure everything was going smoothly.

A few weeks went by, and Boomer’s health was improving, and his weight had gone up significantly.

white healthy dog standing in the house
Source: One By One Animal Advocates

His vision was also recovering a little bit and he was able to walk on his own. His rescuers accomplished a real miracle in helping him recover.

He would continue his miraculous journey and transform into the most beautiful dog.

It’s so wonderful to see just how much Boomer managed to recover with the help of his amazing rescuers.

While we don’t quite know where he is now, I think it’s safe to assume that he is living with someone wonderful and enjoying his life.