Man Shocked To Discover A Homeless Pup Jumping Around The Store With Joy


While stray canines roam the lonely street corners, they long to make a connection and elicit a smile from strangers they meet every day. 

They would give anything to find their pawrents and love them unconditionally.

Dolly was one of the homeless pups whose heart was filled with love, but she didn’t have anybody to give that love to.

One day, destiny led her to the Dollar General in Auburndale, Florida. After entering the store, the stray pup started jumping around with joy as if she knew that her luck would soon change.

Fateful Encounter

dog in the store
Source: The Dodo

That same day, a man named Ray came to the store. He was surprised when a store clerk asked him to help them capture a stray dog who was running around the aisles.

As soon as Ray saw the charming little dog wagging his tail and smiling at everyone, his heart melted. 

Ray petted the sweet pup and took her in his arms.

guy holding dog in the store
Source: The Dodo

He called Animal Control and told them about the stray canine. Since the Animal Control officers were unable to pick her up that day, they asked Ray if he wanted to take care of her until the next day.

Ray was thrilled with the idea, and so was the canine, later named Dolly. She kissed him countless times when they headed to his home.

Dolly loved hanging out with Ray, and she constantly showered him with love. 

While they were relaxing and watching Netflix together, Dolly felt that Ray’s home was the place where she belonged.

cute adopted dog and owner
Source: The Dodo

“[…] She crawled up on my shoulder and she just let out a sigh like, ‘That’s it, I’m done. I’m tired, I’m home,’” Ray told The Dodo.

At that same moment, Ray looked at her, and he just knew that he wanted to keep her forever.

When Animal Control called Ray, he told them that he wanted to adopt Dolly if she didn’t have owners who were looking for her.

Dolly Goes To A Shelter

black dog standing on a lawn
Source: The Dodo

Ray’s heart was broken when he learned that Dolly needed to be admitted to a shelter in Polk County, Florida, in order to be processed. 

Dolly didn’t want to be separated from Ray, either. She wished to return home with him and enjoy their time together.

After Ray found out that Dolly didn’t have a microchip, he hoped to adopt her a week later if nobody claimed her.

Unfortunately, Dolly ended up getting stuck in the system for weeks because the shelter took in more than a hundred dogs from a pet hoarding case. 

Ray and Dolly missed each other, and he visited her every other day. Every time Ray left home without her, Dolly felt sorrowful.

“You can tell she was just so sad. Her ears flopped when I had to leave. I was like, ‘Aw.’ I’m sorry. I’m so sorry,” Ray added.

The Happiest Day 

Owner kissing black dog
Source: The Dodo

And then, one day, when Ray came to visit Dolly, he received the happiest news. He could finally take Dolly home.

The pup came out of the shelter, and jumped into her dad’s arms, covering his face in adorable little kisses.

Both Dolly and Ray were over the moon to officially start their life together. 

After they arrived home, Dolly couldn’t contain her excitement and she kept doing zoomies on the bed. 

Ray and Dolly became inseparable, and the canine was happy to accompany her dad wherever he went.

black dog with tongue out
Source: The Dodo

Ray was amazed at how effortlessly the affectionate pup fit into his life 

“It feels like she’s always been here. It’s crazy,” Ray said.

Dolly couldn’t stop smiling. She finally had the dad of her dreams, and she gave him all her love.