Mischievous Dog Played With His Mom’s Permanent Marker And Drew His Very Own Self-Portrait


In addition to their immense love and loyalty, dogs are beings that are also known for their mischief. Although such behavior can often drive the owner mad, people watching from afar find it difficult to remove the smile from their faces.

All these are the charms of the incredible personality of man’s best friend, and stories like today’s celebrate them perfectly. The main character is a dog who has pushed his mom to the brink so many times that it’s a miracle that he managed to maintain his full status in her home.

However, just when she thought he had crossed all the boundaries, he achieved something completely unexpected – he showed his hidden talent and created a masterpiece that simply delighted her. 

Enjoying Mischief

dog on the couch with toy
Source: FLORA NEILSON via The Dodo

His name is Erik, and he is seven months old. Erik lives with his mom, Flora Neilson, and their relationship is quite stormy. One day, she adores her growing puppy, while the next, she would rather throw him out of the house. The main reason – mischief. 

“I think, perhaps, he’s been bred with a monkey,” Neilson told The Dodo. “He continuously seems to be sniffing, hunting out anything that he can put in his mouth on, just like a toddler would. I have to watch him like a hawk.”

It is not even necessary to look too hard for the reasons for her frustration. Just one picture of the staircase of her house, when she left him alone for a not-so-long period, is enough.

mess on the stairs
Source: FLORA NEILSON via The Dodo

I think that everything is perfectly clear now and that we don’t even need to pull out any more pictures from his rich archives to prove it. 

However, not everything is so bad when it comes to this pooch, and the best proof of that is one event that left his mom in shock – this time, positive.  

His Unexpected Artistic Side

dog outdoor
Source: FLORA NEILSON via The Dodo

That day, everything went on as usual – Erik looked around to see if he could find something to break, and Flora tried not to pay attention. 

Of course, this resourceful dog quickly managed to find a permanent marker, which was in his teeth in seconds. Somehow, he managed to get the cap off, bring the marker close to the couch, and started shaking his head. 

When he moved away after a few moments, an incredible picture appeared on the couch – his very own self-portrait.

permanent marker marks on the couch
Source: FLORA NEILSON via The Dodo

At first, Flora didn’t even notice the picture, and for a few moments, she just resented it angrily and uttered a few juicy swears. Just as she was about to angrily pull the covers off the couch, her gaze stopped. Her mood suddenly changed, and the smile returned to her face. 

“I didn’t notice his accidental self portrait until some hours later,” Neilson said. “I wasn’t mad.”

Although he had angered her so many times and brought her to the edge, this delighted Flora so much that she realized that all his mischief was a blessing. She learned that all this was part of life with a growing puppy and that she wouldn’t change it for anything. 

dog sleeps with his toy
Source: FLORA NEILSON via The Dodo

Sweet Erik didn’t have to worry about becoming homeless anymore because he won his mom’s heart forever – if that was ever even a question.