Abandoned Dog Refuses To Leave The Doorstep Of Her Old Home, Hoping Her Owners Would Take Her Back


Before talking about the actual story, one thing I would like to emphasize is just how amazing it is that dog rescue groups exist.

It really shows the best of humanity and just how much we can accomplish in helping those in need if we just combine our efforts and work together.

They really are wonderful people, and in this story, we will talk about rescuers who worked really hard to help a dog who was recently abandoned by his owners.

She Was So Frightened

photo of abandoned dog
Source: The Dodo

Upon discovering the dog, the kind rescuers looked to help her get away from the awful streets, but she was scared of any human interaction, so she just left.

They kept following her undeterred, and they tried to help her, but it was difficult. She would mostly circle the neighborhood and then return to the house where her owners lived.

She was hoping that they would let her in, but there was no way for her to know that it was not going to happen.

When they noticed the rescuers, a couple of the neighbors decided to help Jo and the other rescuers catch this dog.

dog lying by a trash bag
Source: The Dodo

With combined efforts, they were able to corner her into a small alley where she couldn’t escape, and then was the time to help.

One of the rescuers came to her and put a small blanket around her only to notice that she was not fleeing or growling. She was very quiet and almost relaxed when they took her to the car.

After the successful rescue, she was taken to a veterinarian clinic where she had a full checkup. Considering that she was living on the streets for a while, it was very much needed.

An Interesting Twist

dog covered with purple blanket
Source: The Dodo

She went through all the necessary treatment, like deworming, de-fleaing, and a warm bath in order to get her to relax a little bit.

The sweet dog was then placed in a small kennel with a warm blanket where she napped for the rest of the day.

After going through so much on the streets, she was very happy to finally be in good hands. Regardless, she was still a little bit timid around people, but it was now time to address that.

For the first few days, Jo noticed that she was slowly starting to get used to her new surroundings, but she needed something more.

So, Jo took the dog to her dad who was looking to adopt. He already had one dog, so it would be good if she had a new friend.

woman holding a dog
Source: The Dodo

Jo’s dad immediately fell in love with this beautiful dog and he was ready to make that decision. 

However, things took an interesting turn after a few days when Jo called him and told him that he was going to adopt this dog.

He was happy to hear this as he still gets to see her every day, and the two dogs can play and hang out together all the time.

In the end, this wonderful surprise meant that an adorable dog got a new future with a wonderful family who will never abandon him.