Boyfriend Was Not Sure About Adopting A Pit Bull But Then His Girlfriend Surprised Him With One


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When talking about dogs, there are, unfortunately, certain breeds that are considered stigmatized, and a lot of people will avoid them out of fear.

What they fail to understand is that all of them, regardless of their appearance, have a lot of love to give and just want to live their life with someone special.

That’s why we need to do better by them because they will definitely show us just how amazing they are if given the chance.

In this story, we will talk about a couple who wanted to adopt a Pit Bull, but the boyfriend was hesitant, so the girlfriend surprised him.

Meet Rip

old pit bull
Source: @rip_the_pittie

Rip was a very special Pit Bull who lived much of his life as a stray. He spent most of his time wandering around, but he was always excited to meet new people.

On one occasion, he had noticed someone walking around and he immediately got excited to see new faces.

He approached the people warmly and then proceeded to get in their car. They were surprised by his friendliness, so they decided to help him by taking him to a shelter in California.

While there, the staff did their best to care for this sweet pup and were already trying to find him a family. Luckily for him, his situation was going to change for the better very soon.

pit bull in house
Source: @rip_the_pittie

When Jojo had first heard about Rip’s story, she noted just how sweet he looked and how much she wanted to adopt him.

She tried convincing her boyfriend to adopt him, but he was very reluctant because of his breed. It took some time for her to convince him, but they agreed to visit the shelter in California.

Jojo told GeoBeats Animals: “Rip was still there after 4 months and I was so excited and we just showed up and he was jumping about like five feet off the ground with all 4 feet.

He was so happy to see new visitors. It was at that moment that they knew that Rip belonged with them.

Rip’s New Life

pit bull on a hill
Source: @rip_the_pittie

After he spent some time with them in his new home, Jojo realized just how funny and outgoing he was. 

She said: “His personality is just goofy and funny. He does whatever he can to get your attention and make you laugh.

They would take him on amazing road trips where he really got to just enjoy being a dog. He loved exploring, relaxing, and playing with his favorite people.

It was just amazing. Not too long after, the couple had actually managed to find Rip’s brother, who was in another shelter and they took him in, too.

They were curious as to how both of these dogs ended up in their situations, but they wanted to know how they got separated.

two pit bulls
Source: @rip_the_pittie

Nevertheless, the two brothers were now inseparable, and they ended up going on many amazing adventures together.

When talking about who Rip loves more, it’s pretty clear that it’s her boyfriend, Danny. Anytime the two want to play, he will get on the ground and wait for the dog so they can wrestle.

Because Danny ended up loving his new dogs so much, both of them decided that they would rescue bullies from now on.

Jojo said: “We call him a teacup cow and we’re so grateful for him and all the happiness and adventures he takes us on.