Rescuers Try To Save A Litter Of Puppies, Only To Discover One Of Them Was Terrified Of People


Dogs are known for their incredible sense of companionship and the desire to belong somewhere. That is what makes them our best friends.

However, despite this friendliness between us, they will not always seek refuge with us, but rather with one of their own.

Fear of humans can be caused because some puppies have never met us or were abused in the worst-case scenario.

In this story, we will talk about four small puppy siblings who decided to stick together and try to find help, but one of them was really scared of everything.

It Will Be A Difficult Rescue

abandoned puppies in the meadow
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When a couple walking around the beach noticed a group of four puppies just lying there, they were shocked by their presence.

Brittni Moffatt and her boyfriend were used to helping dogs during their travels and this was not a new thing to them.

However, what was surprising was to see them this far away from anything. They could not possibly survive there for long.

puppy walking outdoor alone
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After approaching them, they found that one of the puppies was really reluctant to see them get so close, and he started barking. The other three did not seem to agree with him.

Brittni’s boyfriend, Ryan Weepers, told The Dodo: “Three were not doing so great. The fourth one was a lot stronger.

They got pretty close to him, but he just bolted off into the distance as he did not trust these new people.

A Really Difficult Rescue

exhausted dogs
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As for the other puppies, they did manage to take them pretty easily, as they did not have the strength to flee.

When they were now safe, the couple returned to try and catch the fourth puppy, but it was just too difficult.

Brittni said: “We kind of conceited defeat. We’ll just continue to watch him and can try and catch him later.

Now, they could focus on helping the three siblings they did manage to save. They were all placed on a warm towel and given some food and water.

woman sitting on the floor with dogs
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The puppies learned to trust their new helpers and even started wagging their tails whenever they would see them. It was just so adorable.

After they were starting to get better, the couple returned to help the frightened puppy. They tried every few days, but it seemed impossible.

His siblings were already doing a lot better and were sent to a shelter where they would find their new homes.

A New Life For The Puppies

rescuers helping abandoned puppies
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But, Brittni and Ryan would not be deterred in their mission. It was time to figure out a way to help the last struggling puppy.

She said: “It took us a couple of hours and we were running through the bushes. We got him into a small bush and then we started pulling the bush apart.

After that, they finally managed to catch him and the puppy was now safe. It was time for him to join his siblings in the shelter.

They did their best to help this dog ease up, but he was still not comfortable in their presence. After a while, however, it started to seem like things were changing.

puppy in the room
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After a few days, he even climbed into Brittni’s lap and decided to relax. It was such an amazing progress. 

He understood that these people only wanted to help him, and it was amazing to see how much he changed in such a short time.

The couple stayed a bit longer, and they managed to find a new family for him. It’s so wonderful to see how things have turned out so well for him after struggling for so long. 

In the end, they are all now enjoying their life in a forever home with people who will always be there for them.