Owners Decide To Abandon Their Dog On The Streets Due To A Treatable Skin Condition


When things get a bit difficult and challenging, some dog owners sadly choose to get rid of their pet rather than deal with the issue. 

Even when the issue can be resolved easily.  

That is the story of a little guy named Buzz. Buzz once had a family, but sadly, not one who loved him enough to take care of him all his life. 

Little Buzz got sick, and instead of getting him the medical care he needed, his owners decided to dump him on the street because they just ‘didn’t want to deal with it.’ 

Capturing A Scared And Sick Stray 

injured dog
Source: Cuddle Buddies

While wandering the streets on his own, Buzz was sighted by a kind tourist, who, instead of walking past and forgetting about this sick dog, decided to contact the local rescue group. 

Mission Pawsible is a non-profit organization that helps homeless animals. It is run by a wonderful woman, Prue Barber, who is a founder of the rescue and a solo rescuer. 

However, to capture Buzz, it literally took a village because he was so scared and skittish. 

Eventually, with the help of a dog-loving network of kind-hearted people, Prue was able to track down little Buzz in a small village after multiple days of searching. 

poor sick dog eating food outdoor
Source: Mission Pawsible

“The sighting of Buzz was absolutely terrifying. He was complete skin and bones, and he was ravaged in scabies, but he just had these incredible eyes that just begged for help,” Prue told Cuddle Buddies. 

After asking around, Prue learned that Buzz did once have a family who admitted to kicking him on the streets because they didn’t want to deal with him anymore. 

They even firmly stated that they did not want him back at all. 

sick injured dog in cave
Source: Cuddle Buddies

Buzz’s condition could have been easily cured if they had only taken a little more care of him.

Once Buzz was finally captured, he was immediately transported to the vet for his urgent medical care. 

A Remarkable TransFURmation

“Well, one man’s trash is another’s treasure and Buzz has landed on all four paws in our care where he will be medically treated, loved and healed to become the best version of himself,” Mission Pawsible wrote in their post.

Buzz received medical treatment for scabies, and Prue ensured he was being fed a natural, raw diet to help with fur growth. 

recovered dog on the grass sitting
Source: Mission Pawsible

His recovery, thankfully, didn’t take very long, and once he was healthier, he came to his foster home with Prue and her other dogs. 

Slowly, Buzz started opening up and improving each day. He became playful, energetic, and cheeky. “He was becoming more and more a dog he was meant to be, and his trust issues were none,” Prue said. 

After about four weeks, Buzz found his love of life again, and after about seven weeks, his fur had completely grown back, making him almost unrecognizable. 

Buzz was now a beautiful Golden Retriever mix with stunning silky fur – the complete opposite of how he was at the beginning of the story. 

beautiful dog after recovery enjoying home
Source: Mission Pawsible

Fortunately, Buzz’s story has a happy ending because not only was he now completely healthy, but he was also adopted by an incredible family. 

“He is their world and their center. They spoil him so much. He’s allowed on the bed, on the couch, and he comes to the beach with them. He is just one of the happiest doggos you’re ever gonna meet,” Prue concluded.