Kind Little Boy Finds Two Abandoned Puppies And Decides To Rescue Them


No dog deserves to experience abandonment and to know how heartbreaking it feels to be rejected by their own humans.

Astra and Luna, two lovely puppies, wanted their owners’ love, and yet they were cruelly dumped under a bridge next to trash.

The lonely and hungry puppies were searching the trash, trying to find something to eat. Occasionally, they would lift their gaze and look into the distance, as if they were expecting to see their owner returning for them.

Little did they know that fate would send them a lovely boy who would rescue them and shower them with love.

Helping The Gentle Pups

two sweet puppies
Source: Three Little Pitties Rescue Adoptables

A kind-hearted person who happened to see two puppies desperately waiting for their family under a bridge reached out to the Three Little Pitties Rescue.

The Texas rescue helps street dogs find loving homes in Washington, Oregon, Utah, Idaho, Virginia, Connecticut, New York, Vermont, and Philadelphia.

As soon as Alayna, the founder of the rescue, received the call, she dashed to the site, bringing her five-year-old son, Cash, with her.

Upon their arrival at the location, Alayna and Cash found the two puppies, who were happy to see them. They greeted them with their wagging tails. Their beautiful eyes were twinkling.

Cash asked his mom to save the abandoned puppies.

The canines, later named Luna and Astra, licked Cash’s face, and he covered them in kisses.

He gently picked them up and carried them to his mom’s car. The boy’s face was beaming with happiness because the fur babies were saved. 

little boy holding a puppy
Source: The Dodo

Both Astra and Luna felt safe and enjoyed their ride to the rescue. Their eyes melted with love as their young rescuer cuddled them.

Alayna was proud of her son’s compassion and determination to help the abandoned fur babies.

“I’ve been heavily involved in rescue for about seven years, and it has really motivated me to teach my son that we’re supposed to take care of the animals in this world. We’re not supposed to pass them by,” Alayna told The Dodo.

One of the volunteers at the rescue offered to foster them. She took them to her home and gave them a lot of love. The puppies were taught manners, and they were ready for their forever homes.

Pups Move To Their Forever Homes

close-up photo of little boy hugging the puppy
Source: The Dodo

Two months later, Cash visited Astra and Luna. He took them in his arms and gave them many hugs. The boy was overjoyed to see the puppies, and he was in awe of how much they thrived. 

Astra and Luna were thrilled to hang out with Cash, and they showered him with kisses.

Both puppies found their loving families, and they traveled to their forever home on the rescue’s transport.

Astra’s family saw the pup’s profile on the rescue’s website, and she stole their heart. 

When they held her in their arms for the first time, they melted with love. They couldn’t wait to introduce her to Puck, her doggy sibling.

man and woman holding a puppy
Source: The Dodo

Since both Astra’s parents are hockey fans, they changed her name to Zamboni. 

Luna’s parents were captivated by her the moment they met her. Luna was excited to start a new life with her parents.

Many thanks to Alayna and Cash for rescuing these precious puppies and helping them find their happy endings.