Dog Abandoned On The Streets And Left To Fight For Her Life Is Now A Brand New Dog


Dogs abandoned due to neglect isn’t a myth but a harsh reality that keeps happening all over the world.

One such case was disclosed by the YouTube channel: The Moho, in February 2024, which posted the most heartbreaking video of Bualoy, a tiny little puppy found on the streets.

Aside from being cruelly discarded and left to fight for her life, Bualoy was severely emaciated, skinny, and only days from the point of no return…

Meet Bualoy, The Most Resilient Princess

anemic dog
Source: The Moho

Nobody knows how exactly this sweet baby lasted this long. She was fighting the odds for too long, far away from what we know as normal, humane conditions.

All alone, scared of the uncertainty of tomorrow, Bualoy knew that nothing would replace a hooman’s touch. Without the help of a determined soul, her life was sentenced to an end.

anemic dog in a cage
Source: The Moho

To her luck, all that was about to change within days. A kind-hearted rescuer found her and immediately brought her to the veterinarian clinic, where she was further taken care of.

What was supposed to be a moment of relief turned into a true life battle, as Bualoy was diagnosed with severe anemia. Her days were filled with ups and downs, as she tried hard not to give up.

tiny dog
Source: The Moho

Bualoy was only around 25 pounds, which was greatly below her normal weight. She needed several blood transfusions and care around the clock to even have a fighting chance.

During the first week, she was carefully monitored by the team of veterinarians, who immediately fell in love with Bualoy’s loving personality.

Even though she did not have enough strength to get up and play, she always made sure to shower her caregivers with the sweetest look.

injured tiny dog
Source: The Moho

Once she was done with the treatment, she was further taken care of in her rescuer’s shelter, alongside other animals.

Still, Bualoy was on the meds for anemia and had a carefully-designed feeding chart. Her extremely emaciated body required high-quality food with proper nutrients that would help her heal faster.

And, to everyone’s surprise, this resilient girl complied! She ate well and made sure to empty an entire bowl every time she was served with food. During the second week, she already felt so much better that she even started to wag her tail and make small steps.

A Brand-New Pup

two cats and anemic dog
Source: The Moho

During her recovery days in the rescue, Bualoy loved taking cozy naps next to her feline buddies. Something deep inside made her really fond of cats, who accepted her as the newest, sweetest member of the pack.

Within the first month, this tiny pup transformed into a brand-new girl who was now ready to take on the world!

She started to come out of her shell and go outside to play with other dogs. Despite her miniature size, she was so full of personality and character, which made it impossible for everyone not to fall head over heels for her.

two dogs and anemic dog
Source: The Moho

She especially loved to play with large canine buddies who accepted her as one of their own. And, they definitely showed her the way and taught her how to “dog.”

After almost two months of daily care and treatment, she became a fully healthy dog that beat all the odds. It is safe to say that Bualoy overcame every challenge that got in her way.

happy dog and woman behind
Source: The Moho

Today, she is a happy girl that grew to her full potential. She no longer has problems with anemia and has already adopted basic doggo manners.

Bualoy is now in full care, loved by her favorite hoomans who love her endlessly. Her every new day is a brand-new adventure filled with pawesome activities and cuddles whenever possible.

Once a pup that didn’t stand a chance, this little princess is now living the life the way she always wanted!