People Are Shocked As Owner Dumps Five Tiny Little Puppies Into A Lake And Leaves Them There


There are a very few things that can compare to the pure love of a canine. 

With a loving owner on the side, these four-legged creatures are simply programmed to love unconditionally. Yet many irresponsible humans choose the most brutal ways of getting rid of them.

Paws Show posted a heartbreaking video of five helpless puppies being dumped in a lake by their owner. This act of sheer cruelty shook many to the bone, with only one question posed: “Why?”

Inhumane Act

cute white puppy
Source: Paws Show

People were deeply disturbed to see these innocent souls fighting for their bare lives in the lake next to a nearby village. Their heartless owner, who decided to leave them, chose the most brutal way of doing so – by throwing them into deep water.

The puppies barely kept their heads above the surface in hopes that someone would come by and extend them a friendly hand. 

There was nothing but trees, water, and mud surrounding them, and it was only a matter of time before they lost the battle against the harsh circumstances. 

brown puppy in a mud
Source: Paws Show

Then, just out of nowhere, a glimmer of hope was found! Two random hikers who were passing by the lake heard loud screams coming from the water, and they immediately stopped in their tracks.

They recognized the cries and started searching around until they finally witnessed a shocking scene. Five tiny souls, likely from the same litter, were practically begging for help with their sad eyes. 

A Timely Rescue

three puppies playing together
Source: Paws Show

It is safe to say that they were on the edge of giving up when the hikers spotted them. They almost completely lost their strength to swim and fight against the mud and water, which is why the rescuers decided to dive in and start the rescue mission.

One by one, all five were successfully pulled out. Fortunately, there were no signs of drowning or any kind of wounds on their bodies. 

two sweet puppies
Source: Paws Show

The puppies immediately warmed up to their saviors and started wagging their tails as a way of thanking them. The hikers wrapped them in warm blankets as these furry beauties were still shivering from the cold and exhaustion.

That was the turning point in their young lives, as from that moment on – their journey took a positive turn.

Positive Outcome

five puppies
Source: Paws Show

Once they were safely transferred to a local rescue, the puppies were subjected to a vet. One by one, they were carefully examined and then sent to further care in the facility.

It took these sweet furballs only weeks to adapt to a new life with proper shelter and loving hoomans around. They started eating better and gaining healthy weight, as well as learning their basic doggo manners.

five puppies in a cage
Source: Paws Show

Once their story spread, the most wonderful thing happened! Families started inquiring about the puppies, offering to adopt the puppies and take them into their homes.

“Kind-hearted families came forward, offering these once-forgotten souls a second chance at life. The puppies, now surrounded by love, grew stronger each day, leaving their past behind,” the video documented.

Now, with their horrible past behind them, the puppies are finally ready to take on a new life filled with adventures and endless joy! 

Good luck, furry pals!