Neglected Aussiedoodle Didn’t Trust Humans Until She Met Her New Mom


Trust is one of the most important values we, as humans, hold, but this also applies to a lot of animals.

Dogs, for example, put all of their faith in their owners or other people, and they end up devastated when that trust is shattered.

When that happens, most of them no longer like to interact with any human. This fear of being neglected again is always very strong in neglected dogs.

In this story, we will talk about a very special dog who also didn’t trust any humans until he met someone special.

A Chance For Redemption

aussiedoodle in the dark
Source: The Dodo

When Summer was just walking on the streets of her city in Oklahoma, she noticed a very matted stray dog nearby. She was curious, so she approached her.

The pup was very reluctant to interact with her because she was terrified of humans, so Summer called her mom, and they worked on helping him together.

After some convincing, they managed to convince this sweet dog to go with them into the house.

Now that he was somewhere warm and safe, Summer and her mom wanted this dog, now named Noah, to feel at ease, so they were patient with her.

Summer told The Dodo: “I had never rescued a dog myself before, so I didn’t really know what I was getting myself into.” 

photo of aussiedoodle indoors
Source: The Dodo

Noah was given food, water, and even accepted some cuddles from Summer’s mom. She explored the house for a bit, but they noticed that she was still a bit reluctant.

Summer asked her mom if she could stay with them, and she agreed. This meant that they would have to get a groomer’s appointment in Oklahoma for Noah’s matted fur.

Afterward, she looked just beautiful. However, despite their best efforts to get Noah to trust them, she was still scared.

Summed said: “For the first few days, she just absolutely wouldn’t move. Her biggest coping mechanism, initially, was just hiding in my closet. She was extremely timid.

Noah Is So Sweet

aussiedoodle after a haircut
Source: The Dodo

After a few weeks, she noticed that things were slowly starting to change. Noah was making some progress.

She would now wander around the house almost freely every day, and she also started interacting with other people a bit.

However, Summer noticed a really big change when she went away for a week and came back to notice that both her dogs, Navy and Noah, were excited to see her. 

Noah’s reaction, in particular, was special, as she immediately started wagging her tail and hugging her favorite person.

photo of aussiedoodle and woman on the floor
Source: The Dodo

Even though this sweet dog was still a bit frightened, that moment was the beginning of something special. 

Summer was there with her every step of the way, and she began to see big changes in her behavior. She was learning how to be a dog and enjoy her life again.

She said: “I knew at this point I was keeping her. A majority of her progress has been letting her do things on her own time. 

dog sitting by the door
Source: The Dodo

Noah has even befriended Summer’s other dog, Navy, and the two of them are now completely inseparable.

Despite hardships in her life, this sweet dog has managed to make a big leap and improve her life.

It’s really amazing to see how showing a little care and love can go a long way in changing a dog’s life. It has certainly worked for Noah and I am glad to see she is happy.