Sweet Pup Who Recently Crashed Her Parent’s Wedding Couldn’t Believe That She Got A Party Of Her Own


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Aren’t surprise birthday parties the best?

It doesn’t matter if you had one or you were preparing one for somebody else, a surprise party is full of happy memories and a fun time.

However, did you know that hoomans aren’t the only ones who get super excited about surprise parties?

Pups love them, too!

And, here to prove this claim is the most adorable pup by the name of Kona who couldn’t wipe the smile off her face when she got surprised with her very own surprise party!

Meet Kona

smiling dog
Source: @makoandkonasmom

Kona is an adorable pittie mix who was rescued and adopted by a loving family.

As soon as this pup entered her new home, she made sure that it was always full of love and laughter. She would spend her time playing with her mom, Collyn, as well as anybody else she would come in contact with.

For the next seven years, she continued doing so without even breaking a sweat!

“She has made every day since then better,” Collyn wrote on Instagram.

dog in clothes posing
Source: @makoandkonasmom

One year after adopting her, Kona’s parents decided that she would be an excellent big sister, so they adopted another pup, Mako.  

Of course, as soon as she met her baby brother, Kona became a very responsible sibling who took care of Mako whenever their parents needed some help.

two dogs on the carpet lying
Source: @makoandkonasmom

Seeing how well she did with Mako, Kona’s parents decided to offer a helping hand and take in a series of foster pups. And, while Mako was busy playing, Kona stepped up yet again and made sure all of her temporary siblings were well taken care of.

Even with all of these new responsibilities, Kona made sure to always make time for mommy time!

young woman with dog in hug
Source: @makoandkonasmom

Big Surprise!

Kona’s happiness was most prominent whenever she and her family had something to celebrate. Whether it was dressing up for Halloween or even crashing her parents’ wedding, this pup just couldn’t contain her excitement.

Because of this, Kona’s parents decided that it would be the perfect idea to throw this pup a celebration of her own.

So, when she turned seven years old, Collyn threw her the sweetest surprise party ever.

The party included a pink bandana, a sparkly tiara, as well as all of her very close friends. And, when nighttime came around, Kona got her very own birthday cake, and everybody at the party sang her a birthday song!

dog celebrating birthday
Source: @makoandkonasmom

“I finally caved and got her a dog birthday cake for the first time. She liked it,” Collyn wrote on Instagram.

Kona couldn’t wipe the smile off her face!

She already loved spending time with her family and friends, but when she saw just how much she meant to them, this sweet girl was over the moon!

“[She] was trying to contain her excitement and not eat the cake because I asked her to wait. She loved nothing more than having a room full of family who she loves, smiling and clapping for her,” Collyn wrote in an Instagram comment.

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This adorable pup stepped into her eighth year of life in the best way possible – a tummy full of peanut butter cake and hugs for everybody she loves.

Ever since, Kona loves remembering her birthday celebration and just how all of her efforts are appreciated.

“I couldn’t love her more,” Collyn wrote on Instagram.