Heartbroken Pup Started To Cry When His Best Friend Passed Away Suddenly


It is one of the most special relationships in this world. Friendship knows no race, skin color, or name. If it is sincere, it overcomes all obstacles and crosses all boundaries.

Although it may sound a bit strange at first, sometimes we can learn this best from animals, themselves. There are so many examples of genuine bonding between them, and we can especially notice this in our best canine friends. 

However, the thing is that these big-hearted beings never limit themselves and never look at who is who when choosing friends. That is the most beautiful fact, and today’s story is a testimony to one such friendship that remained strong even after its saddest moment. 

Special Friendship

dog and hamster
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Joanna Cox was always in love with animals, and canines were her favorite. It is no wonder that she owns three beautiful dogs and that it is not difficult for her to give them all her love. 

Yet, there is still some of it left for another full-fledged member of this big, happy family – the cute little hamster, Barry. Although Barry is a kind of intruder here, Joanna and her dogs accepted him with open arms and loved him sincerely from the very first day. 

Winny, Bobby, and Autumn all enjoyed hanging out with him and always liked to play together. However, this is where Cockapoo Bobby stood out the most, who, after a while, became Barry’s best friend.

cute dog and hamster
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“Bob has always taken to Barry and would sit and watch him play on his wheel for hours,” Joanna told Newsweek. “It took about a month to get Barry out and that’s when I realized that Bobby was gentle around him. They were inseparable from that day.”

Bobby’s favorite activity was when Barry would walk all over him, and he never had a problem sharing treats with him, either. In fact, he enjoyed it. This is the best example of how much these two meant to each other. 

Unfortunately, just when they thought there was no end to their happiness, Barry fell ill, and Bobby faced the saddest moment of his life. 

His Toughest Moment

very sad brown dog
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Brave Barry fought for a long time with his illness. His best canine friend, along with his mom, Joanna, provided him with the greatest support.

Unfortunately, he didn’t make it, and that day, Bobby had to say goodbye to his beloved hamster. For this dog, it was the most difficult moment in his life.

“Bobby cried so much when he saw Barry’s little body. It was awful to watch,” Joanna said.

Soon after that, Joanna felt the need to record a video about this tragic event and post it on her TikTok profile to share her and Bobby’s grief with other people. 

“My poor Bobby is so upset, no one talks about when your pet loses their best friend..” the caption reads. 

little coffin
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The video shows a tearful Bobby standing inconsolably over the urn containing Barry’s ashes. After that, you can see the many happy moments that this dog and his hamster went through together.

Finally, the video ends with a heartbreaking quote: “Were going to miss you chilling with us Barry, Bobby would give anything to have you over his back now.. me too.”

@joanna_kimb3rl3y My poor Bobby is so upset, no one talks about when your pet loses their best friend.. my boys had the most special bond ever and I’m not saying go let your dogs be around your hamsters because 9/10 they shouldn’t be around them but bobby is soft, i know my dogs which is why i allowed him to play with Barry but Autumn was never allowed around barry like this because she’s different, you know your animals best. Barry would run over bobby and he would just lay their and allow it, barry would often come give bobby as kiss too and have a good sniff of his nose, both my boys had a bond and it was incredible to watch 💙🐹🌈💔 our lives will never be the same now. I already miss everything about him #petloss #heartbroken #rainbowbridge #heartbreaking #cockerpoo #hamster #sweetdreams ♬ Love Is Gone (feat. Dylan Matthew) (Acoustic) – SLANDER, Dylan Matthew

Hearts Crying

Although losing Barry was hard for Joanna, the beautiful memories of this incredible friendship gave her the strength to endure. They also motivated her to share this video with her followers. 

“I’ve shared Bobby and Barry’s relationship a few times on my TikTok, but for some reason, it’s blown up this time,” she said. “I’m just glad that people can see that animals, no matter what, can form a special bond.”

Eventually, she succeeded because numerous people had the opportunity to see what a true relationship means. No one remained indifferent to these touching scenes.

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“Gosh I’m crying 😭 this is so heartbreaking,” one user wrote. 

“Tears tripping me 🥺,” another one commented. 

And, the third quipped: “This is so sad!! 😢💕 Bless him.”

Although this story leaves a bitter taste, the deep lesson it carries is the most beautiful thing we can learn. Because it stays forever in our hearts, true friendship is eternal even when everything seems to be over.

hamster in a mug
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Rest in peace, sweet Barry.