Depressed Pup Who Was Returned 2 Days After Being Adopted Loses All Trust In Humans


Foster families…

They’re brave people who make the transition from a shelter into a normal living arrangement much easier. Some dogs are too damaged and need rehabilitation. Their tiny hearts have suffered enough, and they must be repaired.

Who else to jump in and help than foster families? 

These people open their homes and hearts to dogs they don’t know. They welcome in even scared or aggressive pooches, just to give them a chance.

Because they know that every dog can be a loving pet if someone gives them an opportunity to show what truly lies in their hearts. 

Julie and Brendan are two of those caring people. They gladly accepted their roles as foster pawrents, but their fostering career wasn’t without any bumps. 

A major bump in the road was Chips Ahoy, a scaredy dog that came to their house for rehab. 

Turns out, lots of TLC can easily turn even the most nervous dog into a sweet pooch.

Chips Ahoy, The Nervous Dog, Trusts Everyone Again

dog lying in man's lap
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Trust is hard to earn. Even dogs know that.

The poor girl named Chips Ahoy lost her trust because something bad happened to her. She didn’t believe hoomans wouldn’t do her harm anymore. 

That’s when she met Brendan. 

Chips came to Brendan and Julie’s house and felt like she was even in a worse position than before. 

She was too nervous for her own good. She was shaking and hiding all the time.

But, she wasn’t hiding away from Brendan.

She saw a savior in him… someone she could actually trust.

He was the first person who gained Chips’ trust. He was the first who Chips didn’t run away from. 

Slowly, but steadily, Chips started following Brendan around. She even went to the bathroom after him, making sure he doesn’t leave her alone. 

photo of frightened dog
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Still, she was too afraid to give Julie a chance. 

Whenever Julie came into the room, Chips would hide from her, trembling like crazy. 

But, Julie had an idea. She knew that dogs can’t resist treats, and Chips was a typical dog. 

woman sitting by a dog crate with the dog inside
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She managed to win her over with some peanut butter in a Kong.

It was then when Chips knew that whoever gave her such a delicious treat couldn’t be a bad person.

But, The Fight Isn’t Over

frightened dog looking at the camera
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Chips Ahoy had to cross a rough path from being a neglected dog that didn’t trust anyone to a dog that opened her mind. 

The role of her foster family was a successful one: Chips Ahoy was a rehabilitated girl. 

She was ready for adoption. 

Her foster family was happy to see her improvement, but they were still sad that Chips was leaving. 

A family interested in Chips contacted them and this good girl was ready to meet her furever family.

Saying goodbye was ruff, but it had to be done.

Little did everyone know that just two days later, Chips would be back. 

The family that took her wasn’t her furever family. They said Chips was too much work, and that they couldn’t take care of her. 

Her little heart chipped a bit, but she was happy to be back with Julie and Brendan.

Chips wasn’t a handful. She needed time to adjust and caring owners that would understand her.

Good thing she was back with the only family that understood her. 

Finally, Chips opened her heart to Julie the same way she did to Brendan. She became a real family dog that enjoyed the attention. 

The couple soon discovered how many wonderful things Chips was hiding inside her. She was a friendly creature, and she showed them how much she loved playing with other dogs.

She still loved her peanut butter treats. 

But, her new thing was stealing socks off Julie’s feet. 

close-up photo of the dog called chips ahoy
Source: The Dodo

Life was good again for Chips.

The only decision to make was pretty clear: adoption.

“We couldn’t give Chips Ahoy to another home. Chips Ahoy is ours. This is our dog and we want to adopt her, said Julie.

This foster failure turned out to be a terrific success after all. Chips is happy with Julie and Brendan… the only people that truly understood her. 

You can follow Chips and Julie on TikTok. I’m pawsitive you’ll love to see the incredible transformation this lucky girl had.