English Bulldog Has The Best Time Growing Up With His Two Hooman Siblings


Just when you think life can’t be sweeter, there comes a dog!

For Jude and Abe, two little Illinois brothers, growing up with one has always been a part of their routine. But, when that routine turns into having the time of their lives – you just know you have the pawfect trio!

This is their story!

Always Together

tiny english bulldog
Source: @hanksabulldog

Megan adopted Hank when he was just a little boi. At only a few weeks of age, this tiny English Bulldog walked into his new home in Illinois and soon stole the hearts of the entire family.

But, what truly captured the hearts of Hank’s admirers was his special bond with his two hooman brothers Jude and Abe. Their one-of-a-kind relationship took the internet by storm, and Hank and his baby bois became Instagram stars!

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From the moment they first saw each other, Jude and Abe never let go of Hank. And, neither did he! 

“Hank to the boys is truly just another human brother. They want to do everything with him,” Megan told The Dodo.

Aside from spending every minute possible together, Hank and the bois really enjoy those long cuddle sessions on the couch. And, when they’re not resting with their white, furry brother, the trio always finds creative ways to entertain themselves.

two little boys and english bulldog
Source: @hanksabulldog

During the first couple of months, Hank wasn’t very fond of walking. He always refused to move, so his family needed to get a harness to “motivate” him.

Then, after some really thought-out persuasion from his brothers, he blossomed into a real adventurer! The bois soon learned how to walk him on a leash, and Hank was good to go.

“Everywhere we go people crack at up us trying to get this guy to MOVE. But he has done it!! We are now consistently walking,” his owners wrote on Instagram.

Partners In Crime

photo of two little boys and bulldog sitting on front porch
Source: @hanksabulldog

Hank is always there for his tiny hoomans. He walks them to school, welcomes them at home, and even though he only gets separated from them for hours, he’s over the moon to see them again.

Still, hanging out with Hank and the bois has its “dark sides,” too! If you want to be a part of their little gang, there are rules that you need to follow! 

For starters, you have to join them in having fun all year long!

Then, once you get the approval stamp, you need to be ready to do the Three Musketeer job!

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“Them and Hank are The Three Musketeers,” says Megan.

Doing the ding-dong ditch prank will mostly do it! But, when you have a little extra time, you just have to try the “food-sneaking” and “pen-opening” ones!

That’s right!

Hank and his partners in crime always have a unique way to surprise their pawrents, and they do it with style!

They perfected the growing-up together phase, and now, with every new day, they’re building toward what can only be described as endless fun!

Good luck, bois!