Man Left Heartbroken When He Saw An Owner Dump A Helpless Puppy In A Children’s Playground


While a man was driving past an elementary school in Austin, Texas, a heartbreaking sight attracted his attention.

A woman picked up her dog, leaned over a fence, and dumped her in a children’s playground. The man was shocked. He immediately parked his car and confronted the woman. 

She claimed that she attempted to take the dog to a shelter, but they turned her away.

When her owner left, the puppy started crying and running back and forth, trying to catch up with her.

After the woman disappeared from sight, the fur baby felt disheartened. She sat by the fence and kept looking in the distance with a sad expression on her face. 

A Couple Comfort The Sad Furbaby

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The kind man who witnessed the saddening scene tried talking to the doggo, doing his best to comfort her. He called his wife, Maddy Cantu, who joined him shortly afterward. 

When Cantu saw the abandoned pup, she was deeply moved by the sorrow in her eyes. She couldn’t believe that someone could have dumped such a sweet pooch.  

Although the pup was scared, the couple managed to gain her trust. 

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Cantu carried her in her arms, and she and her husband took the pooch home. They made a decision to foster her until they found her a wonderful forever family.

After Cantu and her husband brought the doggo home, they gave her a nice bath. 

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The pooch, later named Daisy, was still frightened, and she trembled. Cantu held her in her lap and showered her with cuddles and affection.

As Cantu and her husband continued to give Daisy all the love she deserved, she began feeling better. She loved lying in her comfy bed and spending time with her foster parents.

The pooch got attached to them and started to give them kisses. 

Daisy Feels Cherished And Loved

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Although the couple’s initial plan was to foster Daisy for some time, they couldn’t resist her loving disposition. They fell in love with her and realized that they couldn’t part with her. Daisy became a permanent family member.

“We finally realized that Daisy was sent to us for a reason because she’s meant to be a part of our family,“ Cantu wrote in her TikTok video.

Daisy’s forever parents took her to a vet clinic, and she was given a clean bill of health. 

The vet estimated the pup to be three to four months old and assumed that Daisy was half German Shepherd and half Great Pyrenees.

At first, Lilo, her older doggy sister, wasn’t sure what to think of Daisy, but now they have started to get along.

“Lilo was indifferent at first, but once it became clear that we were keeping Daisy, she definitely started getting jealous. Since then, she’s warmed up to her and we give Lilo a lot of love and attention to make sure she’s OK with it,” Cantu told Newsweek.

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Daisy enjoys her life with her family in Austin, Texas. Their love helped her overcome the heartbreak of being abandoned. Her new parents showed her that she was worthy of love.

Her eyes shine brightly, and her tail keeps wagging. She knows that she has found her happiness. 

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