Sweet Puppy Completely Covered In Ticks Was Overjoyed When Noticed By Kind Human


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When a rescuer was driving down a street, he noticed something lying on the side of the road.

Figuring out that it was actually a dog, the rescuer immediately stopped the car in order to take a closer look.

As soon as he approached the pup, he looked up at the rescuer with hopeful eyes as if he understood that he was finally going to be saved.

And, that is exactly what was going to happen.

Finally Saved

dirty dog
Source: Paws Show

Since the rescuer noticed that this pup, who now had the most adorable face and the happiest tail wag, was covered in large ticks and fleas, he knew that he had to take him in and provide him with some much-needed medical attention.

As soon as he arrived at the shelter, the pup, now named Toffy, was given a soapy bath and haircut, as well as treatment and injection for the fleas and ticks.

dog with ticks
Source: Paws Show

Even though it took the rescuers two hours to remove all the ticks, seeing how happy Toffy was afterward made it all worth it.

The day after, Toffy paid a visit to the vet, where it was determined that he had some blood issues.

white dog with ticks
Source: Paws Show

Toffy had a very low count of red blood cells in his body and had to stay at the vet in order to receive a blood transfusion.

Throughout the entire process, this pup remained calm and was very cooperative.

He was also very grateful to the hoomans around him for offering him love and a second chance at life.

dog covered with ticks
Source: Paws Show

New Life

Only four days after receiving the blood transfusion, Toffy started showing improvement.

And, after two weeks, this sweet boy looked like a brand-new pup! He was eating well, running around, and playing with all of the other doggos.

two cute and happy dogs
Source: Paws Show

Toffy was taken in by his rescuers, where he thrived!

He was the happiest pup ever, who loved spending his time with his hoomans, playing dress-up, and zooming around his new home.

white dog with ball
Source: Paws Show

Toffy went from living by the side of the road completely covered in ticks to being the happiest pup ever and a part of a family who absolutely adores him.

Making an incredible recovery thanks to his rescuer, this pup will never have to worry about being alone again.

Thank you to all of the hoomans involved in Toffy’s rescue. You guys made a huge impact on a little doggy’s life.