Woman Who Thought She Was Rescuing An Injured Dog Found Out That It Wasn’t A Dog At All


The famous saying says, “Don’t judge a book by its cover”, and it can definitely be applied in many life situations.

One of those, you will witness in today’s story. It tells about how a good soul saved a poor, injured “dog” from the street, only to find out that it was actually a much more dangerous animal. 

Nevertheless, despite the stereotypes, this “terrible creature” showed its uncommon side, and once again proved that not everything is as it seems on the surface.

She Had To Help The Poor, Injured “Dog”

Girl and coyote in the car
Source: @andreathie

One day, while Andrea Athie was driving in her car, the car in front of her hit a dog and drove off without checking the animal. 

Shocked by the sight, Andrea immediately stopped and got out of the car to help the poor creature, whom she thought was a stray dog. 

Because he was too heavy to lift him on her own, she phoned her friends to help her. Two of them came and they were soon heading towards the closest veterinary hospital. 

While they were driving, this “dog”, out of gratitude to his savior, showered Andrea with countless kisses. She couldn’t help but take a picture with him, which she later posted on her Twitter profile.

This Brave, Wild Coyote Fought To The End

close view of the coyote
Source: @andreathie

After a long ride in the car, Andrea and Pancho, as she called him, became deeply connected. She was convinced that she was driving with a cute little dog, and maybe even thought of adopting him.

A shock followed in the clinic when the vets finished their examination. Although he behaved like a dog for a good part of the journey, Pancho was not a dog at all, but a wild coyote.

“Seeing the situation, I stopped and went to help him, without knowing that it was a coyote.” Athie said later in an interview with Mirror.

After the initial shock, since she knew that coyotes can often attack people, she realized that she couldn’t take him home, but that didn’t mean she stopped worrying about his health.

The deep connection they had established in the short time they were driving remained engraved in her heart. From the depths of her soul, she wanted Pancho to recover and return to his natural habitat where he belongs. 

Unfortunately, after 5 days of treating two injuries to his cervical area, Pancho could no longer continue fighting, and he crossed the rainbow bridge. 

Pancho Taught All Of Us An Important Lesson

coyote in the car
Source: @andreathie

Even though it was a wild animal that was dangerous to humans, and she had only known him for a very short time, Andrea’s heart was broken. There was just something special about that coyote.

“Pancho came here to show us how to help those who need it, with small acts we can change many things and Pancho showed us that,” Andrea said, sadly, but again, proud and happy about what she experienced with Pancho.

And, we definitely agree with Andrea, as that is what we all need as people – to help each other no matter who is who. 

“I know it was a wild animal but I also know that he knew we were there to help him. Pancho’s body will be cremated and we will keep it in a biodegradable urn that will be planted.”

Rest in peace, Pancho, The Great.