A Paralyzed Dog Was Surrendered To A Shelter Because Her Owner Didn’t Want To Take Care Of Her


It is no secret that dogs do everything in their power to keep their hoomans proud and happy no matter what. Unfortunately, sometimes their hoomans fail to do that same thing back.

A loyal pup by the name of Avellana was surrendered to her local shelter by her owner because she became paralyzed.

Her owner, a hunter, did not want her anymore because of her condition, but luckily, the determined shelter staff decided that this pup would never be let down again.

At The Shelter

paralyzed brown dog
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Avellana came to the shelter heartbroken and confused. Not only did she not know why her owner was no longer with her, but she also had no idea why she couldn’t move her body.

“She could just about only lift her head but she couldn’t move her legs. You could see she had been like that for a while,” Tina Solera told The Dodo.

After a thorough checkup, the staff determined that her paralysis was due to an inflammation in her entire nervous system.

two vets and paralyzed dog
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Luckily, Avellana was in good hands.

The facility she was in was full of incredible and kind hoomans who were not only well-trained, but also very, very patient.

They were very understanding of her condition and knew that she must have been very scared. However, they were shocked at how good of a girl she was throughout her entire stay at their facility.

“How scary must it be when you just don’t understand why you suddenly can’t move. And she was never angry, never complained,” she added.  

close view of paralyzed dog
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Rehabilitation Time

After Avellana settled in, the shelter staff began doing exercises with her in order for her to start walking again.

One of the exercises included a big inflatable ball that would be placed underneath her belly so that she could stand up on her paws.

girls helping a paralyzed dog
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They also had a special mat on which they would rub her paws, trying to stimulate some movement.

After some time, Avellana was able to move her feet a bit all by herself!

Another exercise that this pup did was swimming! Going to the pool several times a week also helped her to stimulate her movement and show her that she would be able to walk again very soon.

guy and dog swimming
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Since daily walks are very important for doggos’ overall health, Avellana would have her daily stroll in a pushchair where she would meet all of the other dogs running around, motivating her to do the same.

First Steps

All the hard work and determination was starting to pay off. Avellana started walking!

“From not being able to stand up at all to suddenly being able to take one of two steps even if she was supported we knew we were winning. Bit by bit, each limb started to move by itself,” she said.

The more Avellana heard sweet words of encouragement, the more she would be determined to succeed.  

guy helping a paralyzed dog to walk
Source: The Dodo

As soon as the shelter staff saw Avellana’s first steps, their hearts were filled with joy.

Over time, this incredible pup was able to walk and run all on her own – no help needed!

She was super excited to be back on her paws again. She spends her time running around and playing with all the other dogs at the shelter, really enjoying her time.

two dogs playing together outside
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However, her being able to walk again wasn’t the only good news.

When a woman named Anne heard about this incredibly determined dog, she fell in love immediately.

She reached out to the shelter and informed them that she would love to provide Avellana with a forever home.

old blonde woman kissing a dog
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Final Word

Avellana now spends her days in a warm and loving home surrounded by amazing hoomans, and she even has furry siblings.

She loves going outside for playdates and walks, and she is grateful that she is able to enjoy her life once again.

“There is nothing much more satisfying than watching one of your rescues living a better life than you even,” Tina concluded.