Pittie Who Spent 150 Days In Shelter Does The Sweetest Thing With His Fosters Every Morning


Sometimes, beneath their tough exterior and intimidating size lies a gentle soul that only craves love.

This was exactly the case with King Tut – a dog that spent almost 150 days at a shelter in Kansas City, Missouri. Ever since he was surrendered by his owners, all this dangerous-looking Pittie was looking for was someone to be his friend.

What he didn’t know at the time was that one day, his life would change – completely!

Meet King Tut

Cute gray dog and heart behind
Source: @chris_foster_friends

King Tut hasn’t had an easy past. From the moment he was left at KC Pet Project in Kansas City, Missouri, he coped with severe anxiety and stress

All this big boi wanted was a loving home and space to move around freely, but the reality was different. Then, Chris, a long-time foster, walked in the shelter one day and everything changed!

“He had been there for over 150 days. I fell in love. He had such a wiggly little body. With him being so stressed in the kennel, I wanted to get him out as soon as possible,” Chris told The Dodo.

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The two bonded right off the bat, which only meant one thing – Tut had just found his new foster dad!

After learning his tragic story, Chris offered to take care of King Tut for as long as he needed. Despite his expectations, he was inclined to help the dog overcome his past. What he didn’t know was that he’d end up fostering the sweetest lovebug!

The Routine

sweet dog laying on a back
Source: @chris_foster_friends

King Tut adapted to his new foster home like the true king he was! Underneath his sturdy exterior was nothing but the gentlest soul craving all the attention from his dad. 

Chris was stunned by King Tut’s affectionate nature and the fact that he acted like a real lap dog. The two started doing everything together, and even set up their little morning routine.

“We started to do almost everything together. Even little things in my day, like getting ready… I view him as my partner in crime,” says Chris.

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It was almost impossible to do anything without King Tut being involved. Whenever Chris was about to brush his hair, get ready, or read a book Tut was there!

He loved accompanying his foster dad in those little rituals, and the fact that he refused to leave his side, even for one moment, made Chris’ heart melt.

The Sweetest Couch Potato

sweet dog sleeping on a bed
Source: KC Pet Project

What King Tut loves the most, though, is taking long, cozy naps on the couch (possibly in his dad’s lap). Despite plenty of other activities that the two do together, this one in particular is his favorite! And, it is safe to say that King Tut is the sweetest couch potato.

The bittersweet moment for the two arrived a few months later. After a long, exciting journey in Chris’ home, King Tut found a new foster, which eventually led to his forever home!

King Tut went to his new foster this afternoon. If you were at the shelter today and saw a grown man sobbing quietly to himself, that was me,” Chris wrote on Instagram.

cute dog and brick wall
Source: @chris_foster_friends

Chris was extremely grateful to see King Tut finally embark on a journey to a forever home. At first, he was quite devastated to part ways with his buddy, but he sure couldn’t be happier knowing that his bud got a new chance at life.

“Just got an update from the adopter a few days ago and she said she is crazy in love with him. So he is living a very happy life,” he commented in an Instagram post.

Thanks to his giant-hearted foster dad, King Tut is finally where he was supposed to be this entire time – in a cozy home surrounded by people who’ll never let him go!