Woman Who Was Terrified Of Staffies Adopted One That Turned Out To Be Her Soul Dog


It takes a truly special soul to change one’s perception of the world, and for Georgia, that someone was Blue!

This gorgeous, furry diva dog has made her momma’s life incredible in more ways than she knows. But, one in particular helped her realize that there’s no such thing as “a bad breed.”

This giant-hearted doggo lover has many stereotypes about Staffies. Yet, when she met Blue for the first time, never in her wildest dreams could she have expected that everything would change so fast.

This is their story!

Breaking The Stereotype

photo of Stafford dog
Source: @littleblueblee

Georgia has always had a bad experience with Staffies. They would either jump, bite, or act unfriendly, and she could never fully trust one. 

“The ones that I’d met previously weren’t trained, they would jump up, they would bite, so it was a little bit daunting,” Georgia told Cuddle Buddies.

Then, she and her ex-partner, Callum, saw the picture of Blue on the internet, and everything changed within days!

dog lying on its back on bed
Source: @littleblueblee

The first thing Blue did that her momma can remember was roll on her back, as if she was inviting her for a cuddle. Even though she was full of personality, the one thing Blue never displayed was aggression.

Instead, they proved Georgia wrong and showed that Staffies can indeed be just as wonderful of companions as any other breed if treated with love and trained properly.

The Everlasting Bond

dog licking woman's face
Source: @georgiakay666

From the moment Blue walked into Georgia’s home, she’s been nothing but the sweetest lovebug with such a hilarious exterior.

During every mealtime, Blue turns into this wiggly, tail-wagging little boss. She growls and barks until she finally has food in her mouth. And, her eyes? Boi, they never disappoint!

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Blue has the biggest eyes when food is in front of her. And, it makes Georgia roll in the aisles! For some reason, this furry girl gets so enthusiastic and excited about food that she can’t even control it.

It is safe to say that these little food rituals are definitely her favorite part of the day!

Aside from her charismatic quirks, this lovely girl is a true adventurer. As her mom and Callum agreed to spend time with Blue equally during the week, she makes sure to make every moment with her memorable personality.

The two go for walks, hang out at local cafes, and do every single thing together!

“We share that time when she’s just with me. We do everything together. I take her everywhere. She comes to work with me. We go on walks, we go in cafes. I feel like my relationship with her has definitely gotten stronger,” her mom says.

stafford dog by the lake
Source: @littleblueblee

Having Blue in her life really helped Georgia overcome her past stereotypes.

“I’ve never had a Staffy until Blue and I’d only ever had bad experiences with Staffies. She really helped to change my opinion,” says Georgia.

This amazing doggo steals hearts wherever she goes. She just loves meeting new people and showering them with affection. 

Still, at the end of the day, her cozy cuddles with her pawrents is all that matters. Blue couldn’t be happier with Georgia and Callum around, and she makes sure her hoomans know it!