Determined Florida Police Dog Helps His Hoomans Find The 3-Year-Old Boy Missing In The Woods


I’m sure that most of you already know that dogs are more than furry companions and aren’t here just to provide us with good company and fun times.

For decades, these four-legged fluff balls have played a vital role in police forces, serving as the adorable members of the K-9 units dedicated to helping their fellow hoomans in any way possible.

With their sharp noses, unwavering obedience, and remarkable agility, these four-legged officers love showing off their skills when it comes to various tasks such as crowd control and search and rescue missions.

In today’s story, you will meet a pup by the name of Midnight whose heroic act perfectly demonstrates just how valuable and important dogs are to the well-being and safety of hoomans.

Perfect Boy For The Job

police dog with usa flag
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When the DeLand Police Department received a report of a missing three-year-old boy, they immediately dropped everything they were doing and deployed all available assets and resources in order to conduct a massive search.

Since the boy’s family home was located near a wooded area, the DeLand police decided that the search party should start precisely there.

Among the search and rescue team that swiftly arrived at the location was a sweet member of the K-9 unit Midnight.

The pup, who is trained in finding narcotics as well as missing people, was given the boy’s blanket so that he could learn what he smells like and use his sharp nose to locate him.

 “Using the boy’s blanket, K-9 Midnight and his handler Corporal Clark searched through the woods,” the DeLand Police Department shared on their Facebook.

As soon as he had the smell in his nose, the pup was determined to bring him home safely.   

Not All Heroes Wear Capes

Within seconds, Midnight managed to pick up on the boy’s scent and lead the authorities to his exact location.

“He was dragging me through the woods, like he was just he wasn’t gonna stop,” Clark told local NBC affiliate WESH.

Even though it took Midnight only 45 minutes to locate the boy, Clark felt as if the rescue lasted for hours.

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Clark also noticed that while running through the very thick forest, Midnight sustained some cuts and scrapes. But, this brave pup didn’t even feel it – the only thing he was worried about was the safety of the toddler.

“I’m the dumb end of the leash. So he does all the work. My job is just to read him, read his body language … and understand what he’s telling me because he can’t talk,” he said.

Midnight managed to locate the boy first, and when his handler finally caught up, he was met with the sweetest scene ever.

“He was licking the little boy’s face, and he’s all over the little boy, and he’s looking back at me like, ‘Hey, I got it. Here it is,’” the corporal added.

The boy was safely returned to his family by the officers and was even gifted with a cute Teddy bear to remind him of his bravery.

police officers with dog posing with woman and her son
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The entire Florida town was relieved as well as overjoyed when they heard about this incredible outcome.

The boy’s family couldn’t thank the furry hero enough for his incredible dedication in bringing their boy back but Midnight was just happy to help.

This incredible boy has been a part of the Florida police department since 2022, bravely helping them with anything they need.

However, when he isn’t on duty, he is just a regular, sweet pup who loves to play catch, cuddle, and have a good time with his friends.

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This heartwarming story is the perfect example of just how close hoomans and their loyal canine companions are.

Just like many hoomans dedicate their lives to saving animals in need, the trusty K-9 units around the world do their best to offer a helping paw and support their communities whenever called upon.

To all the brave K-9s out there, we thank you for your services!