Worried Mama Begged A Stranger To Follow Her So That She Could Help Her Babies


There is perhaps nothing more satisfying than seeing a stray dog recover and lead a normal life. It’s what rescue is all about.

Being kind doesn’t take much, but working as a rescuer requires a lot of mental fortitude and is a really noble profession.

In the story we will be talking about today, a group of rescuers stumbled upon a dog who needed their help, but they were not quite sure what she wanted.

She Begged Them To Follow

mama dog outdoor standing with food and bowl
Source: Youtube

When a group of rescuers were feeding strays on their local beach, they came across a dog who was concerned about something.

It was like she seemed a bit anxious but was asking the rescuers for something. They gave her some food and water, which she obviously ate.

However, after she ate, she just bolted off into the distance, and the people followed her to see where she was going.

She rushed down the road and went near a parking lot. The rescuers noticed that she stopped next to an abandoned sea container office. 

They noticed that she crawled under there, and they noticed something strange. She wasn’t afraid of them, so why was she going down there?

puppies in the dark
Source: Youtube

Then, the realization hit them. She was a mom and was trying to go back to her puppies. The rescuers tried to get close enough to see them, but it was difficult.

The mom, now named Gex, was feeding them, and there were seven of them. Now that she knew her rescuers would help her, she crawled out to greet them.

These wonderful people brought even more food so they could stay nourished. Because she was so sweet and caring, they assumed that she had an owner before.

It is likely that she was abandoned and left on her own, but she waited for her owner to come back for her.

They Were Going To Recover

puppies eating
Source: Youtube

Until the rescuers could figure out how to find her and the puppies a good home, they had to leave her there, but they continued coming and feeding them all the time.

With more time passing, the puppies were growing and were getting a lot bolder. They are now coming outside and have started becoming more and more playful.

They are now always happy to see their helpers come day by day. It was just so adorable to see their little tail wags whenever that happened.

The rescuer used this opportunity to deworm the puppies, which was great news as they were now getting closer and closer to their adoption.

puppies with their mom
Source: Youtube

Now that an entire month had passed, the group placed all the puppies and their mom, Gex, inside a car and took them to a shelter.

It was finally time. Three puppies have been adopted quickly and are already living their new lives.

As for the rest of them, they are simply waiting their turn and will all likely be adopted very soon. 

As for the mom, she will stay by their side and just learn how to enjoy herself again. Her rescuers will make sure that she gets everything she needs.