Rescuer Was In Shock When She Found A Canine Family In An Abandoned House


Every day, rescuers come upon desperate situations in which animals, especially dogs, find themselves. However, these great people are always ready to do their best in order to help the poor beings. 

It was the same this time when Kristen Gamble, co-founder of One Mutt At a Time Rescue, Riverside, California, saw a neighbor’s social media video about a dog family stuck in an abandoned house after their owner passed away. 

Although the conditions in the house located in Phelan, California, were awful, this big-hearted woman didn’t wait a minute but immediately rushed to that place in order to save them. 

Shocking Conditions

messy house
Source: One Mutt at a Time Rescue Foundation, Inc.

Before she entered the house, Kristen got in touch with the homeowner’s daughter. Although she was in bad condition herself, she let Kristen in and showed her the inside of the house. 

Kristen had already seen this mess on the video published by the neighbor, but she was in shock when she saw it with her own eyes. Yet, the thing that was most devastating for her was the fate of the canine family found inside. 

“The house was unbelievable.” Kristen told Rocky Kanaka, “The dogs had been trapped in the house alone for 6 weeks. They were very skinny.”

She also found out that the neighbor who posted the video on social media was feeding the dogs throughout the 6th week. But, he soon realized that the situation was so bad that he simply had to call for help. 

“The home was unlivable for the dogs” Kristen said. “The floors were so urine-soaked we thought we might fall through.”

As the neighbor put the barrier to keep the dogs upstairs in order to contain them, Kristen and the other rescuers continued up the stairs from where the dogs’ moans and barking were coming.

mother dog feeding many puppies
Source: ROCKY Kanaka

When they finally got there, nine little puppies, along with their mother and father, greeted them. Based on their appearance, the rescuers determined that the mother was a small Shepherd mix and that the father was a Corgy/Husky mix

They weren’t sure 100%, but they assumed that the puppies were around six weeks old, meaning that they spent their whole lives in this horrible place.  

Since there was no collar or anything else by which the dogs could be recognized, they decided to give the adult dogs rescue names. The mother was named Klara, while the father was named Kolbi. 

two very sweet dogs
Source: ROCKY Kanaka

After such a long time spent in that desperate place, Klara, Kolbi, and their children were finally on their way to salvation — all thanks to the people with great hearts. 

A New Chance For This Family

two dogs in a car
Source: ROCKY Kanaka

Although their first destination was the premises of the rescue center in Riverside, California, this dog family didn’t spend much time there. Because Kristen was determined to ensure them a brighter future, she soon managed to find a foster home for them

Her good friend, Vanessa Traufler-Samarripa, who was also a volunteer and Board Member at One Mutt at a Time, didn’t have the heart to reject this canine family. She agreed to take all 11 of them in despite already caring for 10 foster cats and four dogs. 

Three very cute puppies
Source: One Mutt at a Time Rescue Foundation, Inc.

The puppies gave her special pleasure, and she couldn’t help but enjoy their looks full of love and hope. Of course, she was also glad to see the parents who were happy again because they now knew that their children had a better future ahead of them

two adult dogs on a leash
Source: One Mutt at a Time Rescue Foundation, Inc.

Although they haven’t found their forever homes yet, we are convinced that this family is destined for happiness and that it is only a matter of time before they meet their most precious moment. 

Fingers crossed.