Owners Had To Surrender Their 6-Year-Old Dog To A Shelter And The Reason Is Heartbreaking


In a sudden twist of fate, Max, a stunning 6-year-old dog, found himself in a crowded NYC shelter yearning for a new, loving home. 

It all happened quickly and unexpectedly, and sadly, at no fault of Max. 

His previous owner couldn’t take care of him anymore, and with a broken heart, had to surrender him to a shelter in hopes that someone would take better care of him. 

But, a couple of months had passed and Max was still at the shelter, desperately waiting for a day when he’d go to his new forever home. 

Life At The Shelter

cute black dog sitting on the bench
Source: Animal Care Centers of NYC (ACC)

This beautiful boy was surrendered to Animal Care Centers of NYC (ACC) because his owner had a serious knee injury and was unable to walk him anymore, according to Albert Harris, a content creator and volunteer at the shelter. 

Harris posted a video on his social media featuring Max and his heartbreaking story. 

According to Harris, the previous owner was also at risk of being evicted from his own apartment, and in case it happened, the shelter for homeless people would not allow a dog at their facility. 

“The owner believed Max deserved someone better suited to care for him, as he could barely care for himself,” Harris wrote. 

Unfortunate life events had rendered this beautiful boy homeless and in desperate need of a loving home. 

@aharrisphoto Meet Max (184860) who was surrendered to @Animal Care Centers of NYC because the owner had knee surgery & was unable to walk Max anymore. The owner was also at risk of being evicted from his own apartment & if that happened, the homeless shelter doesn’t allow dogs at their facility. The owner believed Max deserved someone better suited to care for him as he could barely care for himself. Now Max is homeless & looking for his furever home. Together we can get him seen & heard. You know what to do besties! #shelterdog #animalshelter #rescuedog ♬ Jacob and the Stone (Slowed) – Emile Mosseri & sped up + slowed

About Max 

According to the shelter, although Max is 6 years old, he’s still a puppy at heart with typical puppy energy. 

black dog on a leash
Source: Animal Care Centers of NYC

He has something that they like to call Peter Pan Syndrome, which means that Max, just like the famous fictional character, doesn’t want to grow up. 

However, this little puppy at heart is sadly finding the shelter life a bit difficult. 

After living in a loving home for almost six years, it is not easy to adjust to life in a crowded and noisy shelter. 

“I am finding the shelter life a little overwhelming, but when it’s just you and me and some peace and quiet, you’ll see what a love bug I am. I have been known to shower my favorite people with love! I love getting pets, and you guessed it – snuggles,” the shelter wrote in his adoption application. 

Despite having been through a lot in the last couple of months, Max is still always smiling and wagging his tail. 

He can be a bit shy at first, but once you gain his trust, he’s all yours. 

cute little black dog
Source: Animal Care Centers of NYC

What kind of home is perfect for Max? 

According to the shelter, Max would flourish in a calm environment and a low-traffic home. He needs someone who would keep him mentally and physically active since he’s energetic and excitable. 

“Max needs positive outlets for his energy. He is not one to sit still, but will flourish in a home with someone that will keep him both mentally and physically active,” Paul Sanders, the shelter’s senior administrator, told Newsweek. 

Although he’s still a puppy at heart, Max is ready to learn, and with a patient person who’s willing to work on training, he can become the perfect pet everyone could wish for. 

Could that be you?

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