Senior Pup Attacked By A Pack Of Dogs Makes A Miraculous Recovery


Just recently, I heard about a dog who was seriously injured and managed to make an amazing recovery and continue on with his life.

It made me realize just how resilient they are and how much they will fight even if the odds are against them.

This is important to remember because we can all find ourselves in a situation where our pup gets injured, and it’s crucial that we stay by their side and do what we can.

In this story, we will talk about a similar case where a senior dog was mauled by a large pack and how he survived this.

A Horrible Attack

senior dog laying
Source: @rainebecker

It was a very ordinary day when Ben Becker and his dog, Teddy, were just walking and enjoying spending time together when something horrible happened.

A pack of dogs that had escaped from their property noticed and attacked them. While they were able to fend them off, they sustained pretty big injuries.

After this horrible encounter, Ben immediately called for help, and they were on the scene in no time. 

Ben’s wife, Raine Becker, told Newsweek: “It was an unprovoked attack. Ben was bitten quite badly, but Teddy’s injuries were much worse.

injured dog with neck collar
Source: @rainebecker

The wife continued by saying that Teddy had suffered much bigger injuries, and there was little hope that he would recover.

His rear end and almost all of his back muscles were torn or bitten off. The husband and wife had done everything they could to make sure he had the best chance of recovering.

And, while it was incredibly expensive, they were determined to help their sweet pup get a new chance.

Becker said: “Three hours in surgery, the vet told me Teddy’s injuries were much worse than he initially thought and it’ll be a miracle if Teddy walks again.

It Was A True Miracle

senior dog getting recovered
Source: @rainebecker

After the difficult procedure, the poor pup could not move for several months, and he needed to be watched at all times in case something happened.

Becker had noted just how difficult it had been for all of them, as they were never sure if something wrong was going to happen. They did absolutely everything to make sure he recovered.

Teddy was on many different medications and had to be fed through a syringe because he could not move his head. 

As soon as he was making some very big headway, his owner wanted him to start moving just a little bit so he could start walking again.

After a few weeks, he was able to move a little, but not without their assistance. However, as time went on, he was doing better.

senior dog walking
Source: TikTok

One day, Teddy’s mom, Raine, posted a video on TikTok where we could finally see this sweet senior dog start walking on his own.

She said: “He looks like a baby learning to walk. He is very wobbly on his little legs, but he is trying so hard and I am sure he will be running along his favorite beach very soon.

The video had over 400,000 views and gained a lot of positive attention online, and support from others saying how amazing Teddy was for his resilience and bravery.

It’s in situations like this when you realize just how amazing and special they are as Teddy did not want to leave his family, so he fought hard and made a truly miraculous recovery.


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