Virginia Rescue Saves A Special-Needs Pittie Born Without A Nose And Gives Him A New Chance


When Adri Herron, president of Sanctuary Rescue, based in Midlothian, Virginia, received an email from a breeder with a very interesting subject writing, ‘A newborn pit bull with no nose’, she was very interested in the matter.

Because the breeder did not really have any experience with such a puppy before, she handed the 20-hour-old pup over to Midlothian rescue the next day.

Adjustment Time

dog with deformed face
Source: @our_girl_goosie

Because Sanctuary Rescue is a very small, foster-based rescue, the puppy, now named Goosie, was in the perfect place.

Goosie’s air passages were actually located in the very roof of her mouth. Apart from this, she was also diagnosed with pituitary dwarfism, meaning that because of the insufficient production of growth hormone, she was always going to look like a small puppy.

“She literally went everywhere with me for the first five weeks. I just put her in a tote bag, she would always wiggle to the top and climb out and I just thought ‘She’s so feisty, I’m going to get kicked out of a restaurant because I’m smuggling puppies in,’ said Adri.  

newborn puppy
Source: @our_girl_goosie

What is also interesting about Goosie is that most bottle babies only drink from the bottle until they are four weeks old, but she stayed on it until she was 15 weeks old.

Scares And Frights

Goosie gave Adri a couple of scares within the first months she was with her.

There were instances when she would get sick up to the point where she even had to be hospitalized, staying in the ICU four times.

newborn puppy laying on the back
Source: @our_girl_goosie

However, Goosie didn’t let this affect her at all. Just a couple of days after getting out of the hospital, she would be back on her paws as if nothing ever happened.

Really, she deserves all the credit. Every doctor she has seen is completely blown away by her.

Slow Growth

Even though it took some time for Goosie to know, she proved everyone who doubted her wrong when she stepped on the scale and showed them she weighed five whole pounds!

And, because of this, she became a real diva.

cute dog sitting on a couch
Source: @our_girl_goosie

She’s very independent and she loves other animals. She loves to chase them. When she hears the ducks quacking and the geese honing that always perks her up.

She also loves play-fighting with cats as well as Adri’s personal dog who weighs in at 96 pounds.

dog with clothes on a grass
Source: @our_girl_goosie

Despite many people not viewing her as an adult Pit Bull, or even being able to lead a healthy life, Goosie is so much more than that.

There’s nothing cuter to me than a tiny pit bull puppy. I just thought she was the greatest thing I’d ever seen!

Goosie continues to grow in the loving and warm environment of Sanctuary Rescue, thanks to the incredible and unbiased love of Adri and the team.

Let this story be a reminder that no matter their appearance, every dog has a heart big enough to fit each and every hooman he meets, and that deserves the biggest adoration, ever!