Officers Rush To Rescue Injured Dog Stranded On Tracks For Three Days After Being Hit By Train


Let’s admit – the world would be a much darker place without the people who protect us on a daily basis. 

Officers, legal authorities, and all those in charge of enforcing the law make us all feel collectively safe. And, even though our faith in the system is tested a lot of times, we still put hope into believing that they are our ultimate guardians.

This time, Oklahoma authorities worked hard to prove this true one more time! 

One day, a call was reported about a dog stuck on railroad tracks for days after being tragically hit by a train. And, the Sheriff’s Office immediately responded!

A Noble Rescue Mission

officer on a rail
Source: Wagoner County Sheriff’s Office

Wagoner County Sheriff’s Office, Oklahoma, got a heartbreaking call about a dog being stranded on railroad tracks. Deputy J. Hutton was immediately dispatched to the spot, together with Captain B. Harding, who joined him soon after.

When the two finally got there, they spotted a dog in desperate need of help.

It was quite unknown how the canine actually ended up on railroad tracks, but he evidently needed help after surviving on his own for three long days. And, to make things worse, he already suffered an injury after being hit by a train.

guy saving dog on a rail
Source: Wagoner County Sheriff’s Office

The dog was stuck between tracks and unable to move, which ultimately led to another horrible accident!

But, Deputy Hutton and his colleague, Harding, were determined to help him!

As they couldn’t approach the site with a regular vehicle, the team used a UTV (side-by-side vehicle) for this inaccessible terrain

Then, when they finally approached the dog, they slowly picked him up so as not to injure him even more and placed him in the back of the vehicle.

Everything Went Well In The End

dog on a rail
Source: Wagoner County Sheriff’s Office

After the WCSO published a Facebook release, a man named Mike Howell, the locomotive engineer and the man who reported this accident, wrote the following:

“I’m so happy this turned out well as I am the locomotive engineer that reported this poor pup being injured and unable to move…This post made my day.”

This kind man added that over 20 trains drive on that railway track on a regular basis, which is why it is a true miracle that the dog survived at all.

“I estimate close to 20 trains went over him, luckily he was a smart dog and laid his head down each time, I only know this because I myself went over him twice. The second time I saw he was still alive so I stopped my train and called to get him help,” says Mike.

In their release, the team also mentioned that the dog had been transferred to further care in a local veterinary. He was successfully reconnected with his family, who were glad to have him back.

“Upon arriving back at the roadway, a family member took possession of the dog and transported it to a local veterinary for treatment,” the Office stated in a Facebook release.

For sure, this act will serve as a testament of nobility and kindness. And, the doggo will hopefully soon make a full recovery in the arms of his family.

Thank you, officers!