A Sweet Mother Dog Who Was Dumped By A Breeder Dreams Of Finding The Love That She Deserves


It’s every dog’s right to live in a home filled with happiness and to have humans who love them immensely.

It brings me great sadness to think about all the pups who were robbed of a chance to feel adored and treasured.

Leville, a sweet Bulldog mix, was one of the precious dogs whose owner denied her the right to have a happy life.

Her owner was a backyard breeder who abandoned her on the streets after they no longer considered her useful.

The adorable pup found herself on the streets, feeling lonely and confused. With her whole heart, she hoped to receive some compassion and love.

A Shelter Takes Her In

bullog mix at home
Source: @loveleorescue

Leville felt relieved when she was taken in by a shelter in San Bernardino, California. She hoped that she would finally turn her life around and find the happiness her heart wished for.

Upon arriving at the shelter, the precious pup was diagnosed with a prolapsed uterus. 

Sadly, the shelter put Leville’s number on their euthanasia list because they had no resources to provide her with the necessary help.

The pup’s eyes were full of fear as if she knew that she ended up on the dreaded list.

Fortunately, the doggo’s luck took a turn for the better when Love Leo Rescue, a non-profit organization located in Santa Monica, California, heard about her pending euthanasia.

The rescuers couldn’t let anything happen to Leville. They jumped into action right away, pulled the pup from the shelter, and brought her into their care.

As the short-legged beauty stepped out of the shelter, she wagged her tail. Her eyes looked radiant and hopeful again.

Her rescuers believed that Leville was bred time after time until she began showing signs of medical issues. 

They took the doggo to a vet for a thorough checkup. She was estimated to be two to three years old. 

When Leville was about to have surgery, her doctors determined that the pup was actually misdiagnosed with a prolapsed uterus at the South California shelter.

She was completely healthy, and she only needed a routine spay.

Leville Can’t Wait To Meet Her Forever Family

mother dog in shelter
Source: Love Leo Rescue

After her spay surgery, Leville moved in with her foster family, where she received love and care.

As she settled in her foster home, Leville started showing more of her personality. 

“Leville is everything you would expect of a bulldog mix. She’s goofy, playful, and could double as a doorstop😆,” the rescue wrote in a Facebook post.

The California beauty loves people, and she enjoys cuddling. Leville gets along with her foster doggy siblings, and she likes going on walks with them.

dog in the house
Source: Love Leo Rescue

Leville is ready to start the happiest chapter of her life.

The precious pooch hopes that she will soon find wonderful humans who will give her all the love that she wished to have her whole life.

After everything that Leville has been through, she deserves to live her best life with a family who will cherish her forever.

I’m thankful to the kind-hearted rescuers who saved Leville’s life and gave her a chance to find her happiness.

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