Witness How This Puppy Transformed Completely After An Overdue Grooming Session


A lot of the time, our furry friends heavily depend on us to keep them nice and clean.

This is especially true for the ones who have nice and long fur. As they cannot brush it thoroughly themselves, they rely on us to do it for them.

Unfortunately, some owners neglect the shiny coats of their puppers, resulting in their hair getting severely matted and dirty.

The beautiful Maltese mix of today’s story had that exact problem. But luckily, she was rescued by very caring people who, giving her an incredible makeover, revealed her true beauty.

Severe Matting Case

photo of very matted dog
Source: Rhode Home Rescue

When she arrived at the shelter, Irie was completely unrecognizable. Her entire body was covered in knots and mats, and her beautiful face was nowhere to be seen.

Irie was in desperate need of a good haircut and a long bath, and the wonderful shelter staff was on the case.

Even though they managed to shave off most of the mats, there were still pieces that had to be carefully cut off using scissors.

After spending hours shaving off the mats, Irie’s hairdressers couldn’t believe what kind of beauty was hiding underneath all that fur.

dog on a pink leash
Source: Rhode Home Rescue

Even though nobody knew what exactly happened to Irie or why her fur was so matted, it didn’t really matter. All they cared about was getting her nice and clean and inside of a warm and loving home.

New Life

Being all nice and clean, Irie was able to be transported to Rhode Home Rescue, a nonprofit organization based in Rhode Island.

The Rhode Island rescue managed to find this sweet pup a foster home in no time.

“Animal control did an amazing job with her shave. She let them shave her for about 45 minutes before she started getting stressed. The rest had to be done in short bursts there and at my house once she came home,” Irie’s foster, Hillary Gillinder, told The Dodo.

woman holding a dog
Source: Rhode Home Rescue

Now, Irie not only has to get used to her new look, but also to the new love, attention, and care she is receiving.

“She is absolutely terrified of boy dogs specifically and very fearful of men. We’re not sure what exactly happened to her before she came to us, but all we can do now is help her grow and make up for it with love and kindness,” she added.

Luckily, her incredible foster managed to find ways for this anxious 11-pound pup to remain calm. Playing music, going on car rides, and playing with toys are just a few ways that help this pup enjoy her new life to the fullest.

“I’m so proud of how far she’s come since I first got her. She started not wanting to be near me and even barking at me through her crate. Now, she follows me everywhere and loves hopping up on the couch and rolling around in the soft blankets!” she stated.

dog sitting on a red cover in a car
Source: Rhode Home Rescue

Irie still needs some time to completely come out of her shell. Luckily, she is surrounded by incredible people who love and care for her, and most importantly, take care of her beautiful fur.  

“It’s heartbreaking to think of everything she must have been through. She’s gonna have a harder life than most dogs. But she is absolutely looking to be adopted to her forever home,” Hillary concluded.

Final Word

Let this story serve as a reminder that you need to take care of your pet’s fur, especially if they have long and luscious hair like Irie.

Keeping their fur nice and clean is not only for them to look beautiful, but it is also important for their overall well-being as mats can create irritations and other skin conditions that can further develop into fungi or parasites.

So, to keep your dog clean, healthy, and beautiful, regular grooming is absolutely necessary. Your pup will thank you!