The Emergency Grooming Session Forever Changed The Life Of One Heavily Matted Dog


We all have to visit the hair salon from time to time to keep our heads from looking like a tousled ball. It is no different with dogs whose matted fur not only makes them unattractive but can also have bad consequences for their health. 

Recently, a dog named Pixie got into such a bad state that it was hard to even look at her. The Wyandotte Animal Shelter (WAS) staff, located in Wyandotte, Michigan, where she was residing, knew they had to do something fast if they wanted to save her from the nasty consequences. 

What followed was an incredible transformation that revealed the true colors of this dog – the beautiful one. 

One Of The Worst Cases

matted dog on the grooming table
Source: Wyandotte Animal Shelter 

Before her “historical” visit to the grooming salon, Pixie was befell by a sad fate. According to the WAS Facebook post, she was surrendered by her owner, who wasn’t able to manage her daily care anymore. Yet, it was not at all easy for this man to make such a decision. 

“He had a hard time letting her go but surrendered her to us so we could ensure she would go to someone who could give her the life she deserved,” the shelter wrote in the post. 

Luckily, this man came to the right address and handed the poor pup into safe hands. Since “Pixie was one of the worst cases of overgrown” they had ever seen, the shelter staff decided to act immediately, setting her an emergency appointment. 

After this emergency makeover, nothing would be the same in this dog’s life. 

Amazing Transformation

The shelter staff reached out to one of the best grooming salons around, The Downriver Grooming Co., also located in Wyandotte, Michigan. Thanks to the thoughtfulness of the salon staff, they were there within minutes after the call. 

The emergency makeover lasted much longer, but everyone had enough patience. After three hours, the moment they all had been waiting for finally came, and Pixie shone in her full glory. She was truly a brand-new dog. 

shaved dog on the table
Source: Wyandotte Animal Shelter 

“This little girl was only 5.5 pounds, but she seemed twice her size due to the matted fur,” the shelter wrote. They also stated that she was in perfect health, although it did not seem like that before the grooming session. 

Although this was all incredible news, true happiness was yet to come for Pixie.

New Pixie, New Life

After her amazing makeover, the Wyandotte Animal Shelter also thanked Pound Pals Downriver, a non-profit organization that cares for homeless shelter pets like Pixie. 

“We would also like to thank Pound Pals Downriver, for once again stepping in and providing funding for a medical evaluation and care,” they wrote in the post. 

However, the happiest moment for Pixie came just a few days after all these great things happened to her. Thanks to all the people who helped her on her incredible journey, she got a new chance in life

cute dog laying on man's shoulder
Source: Wyandotte Animal Shelter

“Pixie was adopted,” a spokesperson for the Wyandotte Animal Shelter told The Dodo. “Her new family reports that she is doing very well in her new home.”

It was the ultimate happy ending for this girl, and it’s not that she didn’t deserve it after such a long time spent in a matted prison.