Struggling Puppy Dumped Next To A Road Gets A New Chance When He Meets His Rescuers


If I ever wish for a superpower, it would be the ability to help all stray or abandoned animals who desperately need us.

But, things are not so simple in the real world. Here, we have to do our best to make changes and help when we can. A small effort is better than none at all.

For the poor puppy who was abandoned on the street next to a busy road, things started awfully bad very fast. It was only thanks to his rescuers that he had a chance to start again.

A Pup In Desperate Need For Help

woman rescued puppy
Source: Youtube

Just as they were passing by in the area, Cathleen noticed this adorable pup who needed help and immediately stopped the car.

One woman got out and looked at the puppy who was terrified and clearly wanted help. She took him and he just melted in her arms.

A look of relief could be seen on his face as he realized what was going on. He finally had somebody who cared for him.

rescued puppy at home
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They noticed that he had fleas and worms on him, so he needed treatment for that. Because the clinic was closed, Cathleen had to wait.

In the meantime, his rescuer fed him and gave him some nice treats. The other dogs in the house noticed this small puppy and curiously approached him.

They welcomed him with open arms and he felt safe to be in their presence. The woman decided to remove the fleas herself and deworm the puppy, so it took a while to do.

Milo Makes Amazing Effort Every Day

dogs with man
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The very next day, they visited the vet clinic to see if he was going to be okay. They found that he was mostly healthy and had no bigger problems.

They also determined that he was only a month old. It’s horrible to even imagine what he went through in such a short time, but that will never happen again.

When they came home, Cathleen decided to help carefully groom his fur to get rid of the grass stuck in there. After a successful shave, he looked a lot better.

The woman decided to name him Milo. He was a beautiful puppy who just wanted the chance to be loved, and that was given to him by his amazing rescuer.

cute puppy sitting
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After a few days had gone by, the puppy’s timid demeanor changed and he is starting to be a lot more cheerful.

Cathleen was happy to see his tail wags, and he was always happy to play with his new friends at the house. They were all patient with him and took care of him like a little brother.

Even though the rescuer’s cat, Isabel, has largely avoided playing with Milo, she had no choice but to give up and play with him.

He Is Living His Best Life Now

puppy laying on his back
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It’s really amazing to see how they all get along so well. Soon enough, it was time for his vaccines, and Milo was very brave during the procedure.

Despite the fact that Cathleen loves him so much, she knew it was only a matter of time before he had to find his new family.

It was thanks to their incredible devotion that they were able to find an amazing forever home for this sweet little puppy.

After meeting his family, they realized that he had found someone truly special who would cherish every moment with him.

It’s so beautiful to see the amazing transformation he has made in such a short time, and people like Cathleen always help restore my faith in a better tomorrow.