Spencer, A Marathon Fan Who Inspired Boston, Gets Statue Near His Favorite Spot On The Route


In every classroom, there’s always one child who is loved the most. In Boston, that child is undoubtedly Spencer — and his ‘classroom’ is the entire city!

This amazing Golden Retriever, known as the sweetheart and soul of the Boston Marathon, has always been everyone’s favorite. Over the years, he became the symbol of love and empathy, and his love for the Marathon went into legend!

“Everyone Has Their Own Spencer Story In Their Own Lives”

dog holding flags in its mouth
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Rich Powers, a professional photographer and the owner of his fabulous Goldie, started the Boston Marathon tradition with Spencer years ago, but the whole story went viral in 2018.

That year, Spencer showed up in the rain (and he definitely didn’t mind it) holding the Marathon flags in his mouth and expressing support for all the athletes taking part in the run. Everything beyond is nothing but pure legend!

golden retriever with a medal
Source: @thehenrystudio

Since then, Spencer, together with his Golden sister, Penny, has been a part of the Marathon as moral support — and definitely as the stars of the show. 

Delighted to see a dog holding flags in his mouth and showing support, people made it their tradition to take pictures with Spencer and share them on their social media.

“He became an “everyday hero” that people could relate to because everyone has their own Spencer story in their own lives,” Rich wrote on Instagram.

One time, he even earned his very own golden medal for being such a sweet puppy! One of the runners approached him to take a picture and put the medal on his neck. After the photoshoot, he decided to give it to Spencer — for good.

“When he went to leave without it I said don’t forget your medal. He replied…”No this is for him….keep doing what you’re doing,” wrote Rich.

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Spencer has always been the star of the show. And, the fact that he has been such a popular pup with such a unique hobby made him even more famous! He soon went viral on social media, and even appeared on TV on several occasions. 

He definitely had love for everything and everyone. Spencer’s eagerness to shower everyone with affection and love was his trademark!

two golden retrievers with flags
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Sadly, several years ago, he was diagnosed with a tumor. He spent months fighting severe medical challenges, and for the moment, it seemed that he’d end up beating the odds.

In September 2022, he was again diagnosed with inoperable cancer, which only gave him less than five months in this world. He closed his eyes for the last time in 2023 at the age of 13.

However, never, ever did this resilient pup take the smile off his face. During what can only be described as the worst of times, Spencer never stopped sharing love with his loved ones and showing his will to live.

“His remaining months were happy and he still grabbed his frisbee on the way out the door until his last days,” Rich said on Instagram.

Boston Will Remember You, Buddy

statue of the dog
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As one last “Thank you” for all the good memories and unforgettable moments, Spencer, proclaimed as the official dog of the Boston Marathon, got his own statue in Ashland, Massachusetts.

It was made by a local sculptor, Jeff Buccacio, and placed right across his favorite spot on the route.

Seeing him being honored by the entire city made his owners extremely proud and emotional. It was such a bittersweet moment witnessing the statue unveiling for the first time, ever, but even more — the fact that so many people came was priceless.

man and woman next to a dog statue
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There’s no doubt that Spencer’s statue will serve as a testament to friendship, compassion, resilience, and above all — love!

“Spencer’s statue will represent all the everyday heroes that overcome their challenges every day. Spencer’s statue also represents the thousands of therapy dogs, service dogs and their handlers that volunteer to help where needed,” Rich added.

Even though he’s no longer with us, Spencer will still continue to cheer on the athletes from his favorite spot! 

“Spencer will cheer on the runners again on Marathon Monday,” Rich wrote in his Instagram post.

You will be remembered, buddy!