Biker Noticed A Puppy Running After Her So She Decided To Help Her 


Sarah Penso hadn’t expected to come home with a tiny puppy when she set out on a bike ride through her hometown one day, but life is full of surprises.

Despite visiting her parents, Sarah, a competitive mountain biker, didn’t want to miss out on her training session. 

Everything was going great until she suddenly saw a white ball of fur chasing her down the mountain. The little puppy was running right next to her and barking continuously to be noticed. 

Puppy Distribution System

biker and puppy
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As soon as Sarah noticed the little puppy, she stopped cycling to look around and see if he was lost or if his house was nearby. 

However, her heart soon broke with the realization that he must have been dumped there, as there was no house or pretty much anything in the distance. 

Sarah first thought that the puppy was barking in defense, but she quickly realized it was out of desperation. The poor thing was begging for help. 

“I found him far away from any house. If he had an owner, he wouldn’t have been so far away from a house,” Sarah wrote in an Instagram post. 

Realizing that this tiny puppy was all alone in the mountains, Sarah quickly made up her mindshe was going to bring him home, where he would be safe and loved.

woman and dog in a backpack
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“I tried to put him in the backpack, but I couldn’t. [However] when I talked to him, he understood and followed me,” Sarah said. 

The puppy chased after Sarah, but eventually got tired and allowed Sarah to place him in a backpack, perching on her shoulders as they continued their journey home. 

Living Her Best Life 

biker holding a puppy
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At first, Sarah thought the puppy was a male, and she named him Gasparin. However, a vet visit revealed that the puppy was actually a girl, so she renamed her Neblina. 

“Ever since she got home she has been very spoiled and calm. The doctor told me it was a girl, gave her shots and said she was very healthy,” Sarah wrote on Instagram.

Sarah and her parents instantly fell in love with little Neblina, who quickly became the little princess of the house. 

cute white dog
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When the holidays came to an end, Sarah had to leave for her home in the country’s capital, and sadly, she was not able to obtain a permit to take Neblina with her on the plane. 

However, the little girl thrived with her grandparents, and Sarah knew she was leaving her in good hands. In such a short time, her parents had grown to love their furry princess just as much as she did. 

“She engages in a lot of mischief like any girl. She loves to steal candy from her human grandpa and bite her grandma’s plants, but she’s the most spoiled girl in the house,” Sarah said. 

dog standing on a tiles
Source: @pensosarah

Neblina has grown so much since her adoption day, but she still remembers her mom, who saved her that day. 

When Sarah later came to visit her, Neblina became overjoyed as soon as she heard her mom’s voice. At night, she came to snuggle with her mom, just like she did when she was a little puppy.