This Sweet Shelter Pup Just Wanted A Family And Then A Perfect Couple Walked Through The Door


I think the simple dream of every dog in the world is to just have a loving family and a roof over their head.

It’s really that simple but it’s not always possible for everyone. Some dogs can spend a long time in a shelter hoping for someone to take them to their new future, but it doesn’t happen every time.

For this pup, things were changing fast, but when he was taken into a shelter, he had to wait for a long time to find somebody. Just as he was starting to get a bit sad, something changed.

A Perfect Moment

dog with harness on the muzzle
Source: @yourfavbrewerydog

When Porter was first brought into the shelter in California, the staff there had hoped that he would find a home quickly because he was so sweet.

However, things didn’t quite turn out the way they had expected, and he ended up staying there for at least one month.

On one fateful day, a couple had walked through the door, and they were looking to adopt a dog into their home.

dog falling in sleep
Source: @yourfavbrewerydog

A volunteer greeted them and told them about Porter’s story. He wanted them to meet this sweet pup, so they agreed.

When they came to introduce themselves to Porter, he started leaning his backside because that was something he did whenever he met new people.

That’s the moment when they decided to adopt him. His new mom, Analise, told GeoBeats Animals: “He just really wanted to be close to us and was so sweet.

Porter Is A Very Special Pup

dog laying on the stairs
Source: @yourfavbrewerydog

When he was first taken into his forever home in California, he didn’t quite know what to do. Porter was initially hesitant, but very soon learned that these people only meant well.

He got quite accustomed to his new life, and he always expressed gratitude to his new parents for adopting him. It was just adorable.

The couple noticed that he had very funny facial expressions, and it made them curious about what his breed was. 

So, they did a DNA test and the results were quite surprising. Porter is 50% Husky, then German Shepherd, Pit, and a little bit of Border Collie. 

This was quite an unusual combination, but he inherited some of the traits from those breeds. His family would say that he has a ‘resting Pit face,’ which was a hilarious way to put it.

They also noticed that he was a lot taller than most would assume and generally just a big dog.

He Found His Favorite Humans

dog in a walk with man
Source: @yourfavbrewerydog

Whenever some of Analise’s friends would meet Porter, he would immediately get close and start leaning on them to introduce himself.

People were always taken aback by how sweet and happy he was, all the time despite looking a little bit frightening due to his size.

He was just a very cheerful pup. Analise said: “He wakes up every morning, gets the zoomies and is so excited to see you. He just loves life and loves everything he gets to do. 

When thinking about who he loves more, she always says it’s clear that Porter loves his dad more and is always excited when he gets home from work.

dog sitting next to a man
Source: @yourfavbrewerydog

He would even sometimes lay near the door whenever he started sensing that his favorite person might come back.

Because he was left before and had to spend a lot of time alone in the shelter, he doesn’t like being away for too long.

But, his parents are always there for him, and I honestly can’t think of better people to care for Porter.

Analise says: “He is my buddy for two years… now I’ve had him. No matter what kind of day you’re having, if you’re with him, he makes you laugh, he makes you smile. I’m lucky to have him.