5-Legged Puppy Was Struggling To Find A Home Until Someone Special Walked Through The Door 


Nora was a rescue dog who nobody wanted because she was just a little bit different from other dogs.  

You see, Nora was born with a deformity that is very uncommon for dogs. She has ectrodactyly, which means that her one paw is split into two parts, making her a unique 5-legged dog. 

Her uniqueness made the adoption process a bit challenging until a certain vet tech fell in love with her and decided to take her home. 

That was just the beginning of a beautiful story. 

A Very Unique Pup

dog with five legs
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Megan, who is an orthopedic veterinary technician, first met Nora, a Husky Pitbull mix, when she was brought to her vet clinic by a rescue. 

Nora was one of the lucky dogs that was found and saved by a rescue. She was very timid and slow at the time because she was sick. 

Not only was Nora a mixed-breed dog with a deformity, but she also had a life-threatening health condition. Fortunately, she was rescued just in time, and caring humans helped her get the life-saving treatment she needed. 

Megan wasn’t looking for a dog at the time, but there was just something special about Nora and she immediately wanted to adopt her. 

cute puppy with five legs
Source: @norastrongarm

Nora’s deformity thankfully doesn’t bring any additional medical risks, pain, or discomfort. She is just one unique-looking pup. 

Although Nora technically has five legs, she only walks on three. Her mom says that she uses her extra limb only from time to time, mostly to help go up the stairs, sit up, hold her toys, or play with other dogs. 

Since her extra limb does not cause any pain or discomfort, Megan decided not to remove it.

“It doesn’t hurt her, so why put her through unnecessary pain to remove it,” she wrote in one of her TikTok videos, adding that this decision was made in accordance with the best orthopedic vets. 

Living Her Best Life 

woman and dog with five legs
Source: @norastrongarm

Thanks to Megan, Nora is now living a happy and healthy life. She is such a loving dog who steals the hearts of everyone she meets. 

“Everybody loved to pet her, and everyone was very supportive… I would just take her places and we kind of formed a bond and her personality really started to shine,” Megan told Cuddle Buddies. 

Nora is now a confident and goofy dog, all thanks to a woman who wanted to give a chance to this unique pup with a deformity. 

All dogs deserve love and a chance at a happy life, especially those rescued mixed-breed dogs and unique pups just like Nora. 

dog with five legs in a forest
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“I’m glad she came into my life because she’s my best friend. Nora has gotten me to be more outgoing and she definitely gives me more confidence too and it gives me something to talk about. She just needed somebody to believe in her and somebody to trust. I just kind of gave that safe space for her to be herself,” Megan said. 

Nora has such a strong soul, and she just doesn’t let her deformity stop her from living the best life ever. It’s something that all of us could learn from this beautiful dog. 

It’s okay to be unique and a little bit different, but it’s also important to embrace it. 

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