Hairless Stray Dog Saved By Rescuers Makes Such An Amazing Transformation


If you water a plant, it will give you the prettiest flower. If you take care of your car, it will take you to any place you want. And, if you show love to an animal, it will become the prettiest, happiest thing alive.

There are countless instances where a once sick and vulnerable animal who survived on the streets transformed into the sweetest little companion just because it finally received the care and love it deserved.

If you haven’t heard of such an instance before, the story of today’s pup will show you that it is indeed possible.

Meet Mrs. Greg

hairless stray dog
Source: Austin Pets Alive! via The Dodo

A pup by the name of Mrs. Greg was found all alone wandering the streets by an animal control officer who immediately caught her and brought her to a local animal shelter.

Mrs. Greg was in such bad shape that the shelter wasn’t able to provide her with adequate care. But luckily, she was soon transported to Austin Pets Alive! – a shelter that was able to give her exactly what she needed.

“Mrs. Greg was in poor condition. She tested positive for parvovirus and had severe sarcoptic mange,” Luis Sanchez, director of public relations and communications at Austin Pets Alive!, told The Dodo.

Usually, when a pup is diagnosed with parvo, its prognosis isn’t a hopeful one. However, Mrs. Greg decided that she would be the odd one out and pull through.

brown stray dog
Source: Austin Pets Alive! via The Dodo

But, since it took her a bit longer to recover from the mange, Mrs. Greg’s fur simply wouldn’t grow back.

Even though the staff members worried that this would make it difficult for her to be adopted, one hooman saw this pup for who she truly was and proved them wrong.

Mrs. Greg, who was renamed Winnie, was adopted by Olivia, an incredible woman who was determined to help her new pup recover completely and start living her best life.

Bran-New Pup

stray dog in a car
Source: Austin Pets Alive! via The Dodo

Even though Winnie continued having some health issues, she never lost hope.

“I know she fought through the parvo and mange in the shelter and it took a while for her to be fully okay after being adopted. She kept getting sick and having tummy issues, but she was a trooper and a happy puppy through it all,” Olivia told The Dodo.

Olivia wasn’t really sure if Winnie’s fur would ever grow back or if she would remain this way, but it didn’t even matter – she was in love with her brave girl no matter what.

However, Winnie decided that she would shock everyone and grow the prettiest fur coat ever!

adult brown dog
Source: Austin Pets Alive! via The Dodo

“I cannot believe how much fur she has now. I feel like she keeps getting more!” said Olivia.

Winne has completely let go of her past and embraced her new life with her new do.

By going from a hairless, sick dog to the sweetest, fluffiest puppy ever, Winnie showed everyone just what a little bit of patience and love can do to a pup.

brown dog with tongue out
Source: Austin Pets Alive! via The Dodo